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Ryder Cup

I feel like I have to write something about the Ryder Cup because I’m a golf fan. Well, it was ugly. It was just as expected. The Americans were expected to lose and we lost. We simply were not as strong throughout our line up. We needed Rickie Fowler, Bubba Watson, Webb Simpson, Hunter Mahan, Phil Mickelson and Keegan Bradley to step up. Although Rickie Fowler played pretty well, the rest of the line up played average. The exception to this mediocre play was Patrick Reed, Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler. I really think that Fowler is a hair’s breath away from being truly great.

On the other hand, the Europeans got great performances from some of the guys we really didn’t expect to hit it out of the park. Jamie Donaldson played GREAT. Dubuisson played outstanding. He was steady and focused. World number 1 Rory McIlroy started off in a funk but played his way out of it. By Sunday, he was putting lights out. The biggest surprise was Justin Rose. He was great. He kept making shot after shot and putt after putt. It isn’t that Rose can’t play great. He can and he has. He seems to fall short in the Majors. He plays steady golf. He never seems to blow you away in a normal PGA format but in the Ryder Cup he was fabulous.

So, the Americans go home once again licking out wounds. I don’t know what the Americans could do better. I do think that there were a couple who should have been there but weren’t. The biggest name was Billy Horschel. He was playing the best golf in the world over the past month or so but he peaked too late for the Ryder Cup. I think that his passion and fire would have been great for the Americans who all looked a little flat. I also wonder from Brandt Snedeker would have been a better pick than Webb Simpson. Finally, Gary Woodland is an interesting player who was been solid all year. His game is really coming around. He could always bomb it off the

Sunday Evening News Roundup

Sunday Evening News Roundup

The United States went into Sunday’s Ryder Cup with a 10 – 6 lead. We were told by pundits that the Ryder Cup was over. No team had ever come back from more than a four-point deficit on the final day. I picked up golf about two years ago. The one thing that I can tell you about the European team is that they played solid golf. They don’t make spectacular Bubba Watson shots, but they hit the fairway. Basically, Hall of Fame golfer Johnny Miller described it best as, “…the colossal collapse in Chicago.” Luke Donald, Paul Lawrie and Francisco Molinari all won their matches. Rory McIlroy, the number one ranked player in the world, who had been a non-factor thru Sunday, got it going on Sunday against Keegan Bradley. Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker were complete non-factors. The European team really played well. Congratulations to the European Ryder Cup team.

The folks on Capitol Hill are turning up the heat on the Obama administration over the debacle in Benghazi. The cranky curmudgeon Sen. John McCain was attacking the administration over their explanation and response. The Obama administration needs to get their act together – now.

NFL update – The New Orleans Saints are in deep trouble. Their defense is awful. There have been a grumblings about whether Peyton Manning has the same arm strength as he used to have. The Denver Broncos absolutely destroyed the Oakland Raiders as Peyton threw for 338 yds and three touchdowns. I don’t know what to think about the Seattle Seahawks. They looked so good and then laid an egg against the St. Louis Rams today. Arizona Cardinals are 4-0. Yet, they are the Arizona Cardinals. The Houston Texans are probably the best team in the NFL right now. Their defense is ferocious. Their offense can beat you by running the ball, throwing it short or by throwing it long. I’m not quite ready to buy into the Atlanta Falcons. They have looked good before only to collapse towards the end of the season. The Buffalo Bills had control of the game with the New England Patriots today. Unfortunately, they had to play the second half. They gave up a ridiculous 45 points in the second half. Ryan Fitzpatrick has to do a better job of taking care of the ball. Four interceptions?!?!? What happened to the Detroit Lions? Matthew Stafford just doesn’t look that good. The Lions can’t run the ball.

David Gregory misquotes the president.

Mitt Romney’s camp has put out two different messages with regards the debates. First, they’re trying to lower expectations. On the other hand, they are promising an outstanding performance by Mitt Romney. Basically, Mitt Romney is going to swing for the fences. He has to show the American people that he really understands the issues. He has to convince the American people that he has ideas which are different than President Bush’s. He has to show the American people that the tried and true knee-jerk Republican response to any domestic problem, tax cuts, can work differently than they did under the Bush administration. On the other hand, I really believe that Mitt Romney has to prove that he can be likable. Currently, I don’t think that most Americans think that he is a “likable” person.

Finally, you gotta love Paul Ryan. Today he told Chris Wallace that it would just take too long to explain the Ryan tax plan. Remember, he’s supposed to be the serious wonky guy.

What's Going On: Evening News Roundup

Here’s the Sunday evening news Roundup:

  • Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, has resigned after his government has become mired in corruption investigations.
  • If I hand somebody a blank check, I feel pretty confident they’re not going to write it for $700 billion. So, what we’re handing the financial industry is worse than a blank check. The fact that this proposal has bipartisan support does not warm my heart. The Bush administration wants quick action but… Can someone stand up and clearly articulate where the problem is? Can somebody tell us, the American people, that throwing $700 billion at the problem will fix it? We know the American automotive industry is looking for approximately a $25 billion handout, is that included in this $700 billion? And probably the worst part of this legislation is that the Secretary of the Treasury has no ability to be looked at by the judiciary. There’s no oversight. I don’t get how this is good for America. I understand that financial meltdowns are bad. But I also understand that handing out $700 billion is also bad. (Psst – foreign banks have their hands out also.)
  • In order to win in November, Democratic nominee Barack Obama needs to win the women’s vote.
  • The Americans won the Ryder Cup for their first victory since 1999. Very cool.
  • Most of the NFL games have been completed. The Miami Dolphins, like all Bill Parcell’s teams, will be competitive. They absolutely trounced the New England Patriots, with Ronnie Brown running for four touchdowns and throwing for another. (Yep, I had him on my fantasy team and I sat him down today.) The Denver Broncos can’t play defense. The Indianapolis Colts will continue to struggle until they fix their offenses and defenses lines. Brian Griese beat his old team, the Chicago Bears, throwing 67 passes. The Washington Redskins are learning how to play under their new coach. They beat a very strong Arizona Cardinals team. The Kansas City Chiefs, the Detroit Lions, and the St. Louis Rams are vying for the trophy of the worst team in pro football.