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Ben Carson – How to crash and burn in the National Spotlight

ben carson

Just because you are a great neurosurgeon, it doesn’t mean that you are a great politician. Today Ben Carson was on MarketPlace. He was interviewed by Kai Ryssdal. This isn’t anything tricky. Ryssdal pitched softballs. Ben Carson spat out conservative nonsense which sort of makes sense until you put the questions and answers all together.

Ryssdal: There has to be something inside you, though, sir, that makes you believe that you can do this job better than the other — I don’t even know, now — what, 14, 15 people who are up there in various stages on the debate stage.

Carson: Well, yeah. I’ve had a lot of experiences in life where people said things couldn’t be done, to the point now where I almost don’t even want to try it unless people tell me it can’t be done.

Ryssdal: You have said more than once you want to run the government as a business. You want the president to be the CEO of that business. And I wonder, other than running a medical office, or sitting on corporate boards of Kellog’s and Costco, how do you know the government ought to be run like a business? How do you know the president ought to be the CEO?

Carson: Well I know what efficiency looks like, and I know what inefficiency looks like. I’ve had an opportunity to work in universities, sit on university boards, as opposed to working with corporate boards, and noticing the rapidity and the efficiency with which things are done in one area versus the other area. And, sometimes the same kinds of problems. So also, starting a national nonprofit. As you know, nine out of 10 of those fail, and the Carson’s scholar fund is active in all 50 states, has won two major national awards, which are only given to one organization out of tens of thousands each year. Obviously those are not things that can be done without understanding how things work.


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Government Shutdown – Day 11

President Obama Makes Statement On The SequestrationThere is nothing going on with the government shutdown. As long as the GOP insists on holding the government and the American people hostage – there really isn’t anything to talk about.

From NYT:

Budget negotiations broke down on Saturday — just days before the nation reaches its borrowing limit — as angry Republicans said that President Obama had rejected their latest offer.

“It’s now up to the Senate Republicans to stand up,” said Representative Raúl R. Labrador of Idaho after House Republicans left a closed-door meeting in the Capitol.

The message from Speaker John A. Boehner had been grim, Republicans said. Representative John Carter of Texas described Mr. Obama as “acting like a royal president.”

“He’s still ‘my way or the highway,’ ” Mr. Carter said.

With House Republicans insisting that they have all but run out of options, and the House not scheduled to meet again until Monday, attention turned to the Senate, where Republicans have spent the past several days trying to gin up Democratic support for a proposal they hope could reopen the government and extend the debt-ceiling through the end of January.

This is very important in my opinion. The republicans are trying to change the way that Washington works. They are added another way to get what they want in spite of losing elections and losing in the Supreme Court. They are hoping that they can get Obama to give them something – a pound of flesh. I just don’t think that Obama can give them anything.

Let’s think about this for a second. If Obama and the Senate Democrats cave then every piece of legislation that the GOP can’t get over turned thru the normal legislative process will be on the chopping block – Medicare and Medicaid can be overturned or defunded. Social Security cut or dissolved. All progressive programs are at risk.

This fight may have started over the Affordable Care Act but now it is much bigger. This fight is about how our government is going to function or not function for the next 10 – 20 years. 

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Disaster in Dallas

I grew in the ’60s and ’70s. The Dallas Cowboys won. They were a team that other teams tried to be. Now, not so much. The Dallas Cowboys are awful. I can’t explain a five-interception performance by Tony Romo. Miscommunication. Sloppy ball handling. Dropped passes. The Cowboys were simply awful. The only hope is for some type of New York Giants turnaround of the season. Jason Garrett is not Tom Coughlin. Tony Romo is not Eli Manning.

The score 34-18 does not tell the story. The Chicago Bears destroyed the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football. This wasn’t as bad as the 44-0 beat down that the Bears laid on the Cowboys back in 1985, but it was close. Jay Cutler looked like a seasoned veteran who was cool in the pocket. Tony Romo looked like a rookie. I have made hundreds of excuses for Tony because there are times when he looks great. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to have the ability to fix badness in the middle of a game. He doesn’t seem to be able to turn it up a notch. It is what it is with Tony. If he comes out hot, then the Cowboys have a chance to win. If he doesn’t… well, then the Cowboys are going to lose.

I could almost excuse the interceptions, but we were playing the Bears. They weren’t mixing up their coverages. Romo forced some balls into their patented cover to defense. Dez Bryant dropped a touchdown. Romo overthrew to a wide-open Miles Austin. Brandon Marshall was running through our “upgraded” secondary like it was last year’s secondary. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly.

The problem with the Cowboys is their offense. They can’t run the ball. They can’t run block. They can’t pass block. They can’t catch (Dez Bryant and Jason Witten have dropped more balls in the first four games of this year than they did all of last year). Only Jacksonville and the Colts have scored fewer points over the course of four games. At this rate, it might be time to call Terrell Owens and see if he is interested in playing some wide receiver. It is time for Jerry Jones to do something. This is embarrassing. (I’m thinking of burning my Cowboys t-shirts, baseball caps and other stuff in protest.)

I hate to say that the season is over after four games, but without some significant changes, the season is over. Where are Jimmy Johnson, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin? It brings a tear to my eye to remember that kind of excellence.

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