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News Roundup: Lies, J.P. Morgan Chase, Best Quarterback in the NFL and More

Dana PerinoWhen I first started this blog, I thought it was very important for me to combat all the lies that are told in the public sphere. That proved extremely fruitless. Yet, there are some lies that we clearly need to call out. George W. Bush’s former White House Press Secretary, Dana Perino, decided that she would tell a little fib on national television. While on Fox News she said, “We did not have a terrorist attack on our country during President Bush’s term.” You don’t have to be a genius or know how to use Google to know that 9/11 occurred while George W. Bush was in his first term as president of our United States. Yet Rudy Giuliani, who was thrust into prominence by those same attacks, repeated the claim only a couple days later. Besides the multiple failures of 9/11, which I will not go into, there was the anthrax attack in which several Americans died and several others became sick. This was a terrorist attack. It happened on George W. Bush’s watch. Frank Rich has more. Look, I really don’t mind you having your own opinion. If you believe that George W. Bush was the greatest president since George Washington, good for you. I do mind when you pretend to have your own set of facts. The facts are clear. The failures of the George W. Bush administration led to 9/11. The failures in the aftermath of 9/11 led to our taking our eyes off the ball and focusing on Iraq instead of Al Qaeda. This allowed us to go into Iraq with too few troops to secure the peace. Now, let’s return to reality.

It would be nice if we had some fairy godmother who could wave a magic wand and change the world for good. Wouldn’t it be nice if corporations would be penalized for gross negligence? If you have a security breach in which 76 million credit card holders have their data exposed to thieves, isn’t that gross negligence? Why can’t we, as Americans, form a class action and sue J.P. Morgan Chase for gross negligence? Oh, that’s right, it’s illegal for us to do it.

It appears that a gay teenager was beaten. Unfortunately, this isn’t news. What is news is that he was hospitalized for the beating and is being charged by police for… I don’t know what exactly. It’s crazy.

Google is working on a really large TV which will fit together like Legos. Sounds cool. Hope it works.

Deaths from heroin overdoses have more than doubled over the last several years.

Conservatives are all up in arms because of voter suppression. I can only laugh. It is conservatives who have pushed voter suppression. They pushed ID cards and several other gimmicks in order to limit the young, the poor and some of the elderly from voting. Now one of their own, Leslie Rutledge, has been kicked off the voter registration. One of the things that I find amusing is that conservatives continue to say that this is a right-leaning country. If so, wouldn’t conservatives push to have more people vote instead of fewer? (more…)

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Sunday Afternoon News Roundup

Sunday Afternoon News Roundup

The rich are simply getting richer. When you look at data from 1979 through 2007, the vast majority of the income gains are reaped by the top. Consider the combination of tax cuts, which go mostly to the rich, and the weakness of labor unions, which used to be able to demand higher wages for workers. This would conversely lower CEO salaries. Oh, I should mention for the social Darwinists that there is no evidence that CEOs are working harder and putting in longer hours to justify their larger salaries.

Former Michigan Assistant Attorney General is ordered by a Detroit federal court to pay $4.5 million to an openly gay student whom he stalked and defamed.

The Republicans have opened a new attack by questioning Vice President Joe Biden’s mental capacity. The attack was levied by none other than former New York Mayor and former presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with Joe Biden’s mental capacity. He has shown over his last 40 years in politics that he has the capacity to put his foot in his mouth and chew vigorously.

Representative Todd Akin stated that women who are “legitimately” raped don’t get pregnant. This may be the stupidest thing that I’ve read in the last three or four years. Representative Akin believes that the female body has some defense mechanism that doesn’t allow them to get pregnant when they don’t want to be pregnant. Now, I have taken more than my share of biology classes and it may simply be that I haven’t taken a biology class in the last two or three decades, but I don’t remember women having such a mechanism.

Remember when Microsoft was the coolest? Remember when they were the baddest on Wall Street? That was a long time ago. Over the last decade, they have failed spectacularly.

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How to Lose a National Election: 201

If you’re going to go to Screw Up Your Campaign University you will have to take its curriculum. The first class, required by all freshmen, How to Blow Up Your Campaign in a Spectacular Fashion by Trying to Outsmart Everyone Else is a 101-level class and is taught by Rudy Giuliani. The second class, an easy A, is How to Lose a National Election by Being Too Lazy to Try and Campaign is taught by Fred Thompson. Now comes the much harder second-year classes on how to lose a national campaign. This requires special effort. Gary Hart is teaching one of the classes on how to challenge the media to find your girlfriend while denying that you have a girlfriend. The next class is very special. You must have a candidate who is somewhat witty and is extremely successful in private life. The candidate must never say anything of substance. The candidate should repackage old ideas in order to get national traction. Once the candidate gets national attention and begins to jump ahead in the polls, the candidate should release a tax plan that is really rehashing old ideas which were rejected 20 – 30 years ago, but package it with a cute title. Next, the candidate should have some sort of vague sex scandal. The scandal should instantly remind older voters of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Then, instead of squashing the scandal by giving a clear, crisp and precise answer as soon as the scandal breaks, the candidate and his surrogates should give multiple different answers which only muddy the water. The candidate should put out an ad that features a surrogate smoking a cigarette. The ad should look so odd as to make the viewer completely forget what the message is and simply focus on the man smoking a cigarette (see video below). Finally, you should probably have some sort of campaign finance scandal which appeals to even the casual voter to reek of cronyism and break campaign finance laws. This course can only be taught by Herman Cain.

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