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News misleads again

Maybe it’s the 24-hour mentality of news or that these news websites feel as if they have to fill every square inch of the page with something. MSNBC has several links on their front page which include — How Big Will the Crowd Be?, Waterboarding Is Torture, AG Pick Says, Israel Says It Hit UN Mission after Taking Fire. All of these seem like good, solid news items. Then, when you dig down a little farther you get to this article — Some Blacks Choose Inauguration OverworkWhy is this news? Aren’t some Whites chosing the inauguration overwork? Aren’t there going to be hundreds if not thousands of Americans to want to stay home and watch the inauguration? The insinuation that Blacks will be the only ones celebrating Obama’s inauguration it’s simply wrong. The article is infuriating.

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Black man begs McCain to bring up Ayers at next debate

I thought it odd that a black man would stand up in a McCain rally and this guy was in the front row. Was he just lucky? I doubt it. This SOB is a radio talk host on the conservative WTMJ 620 in Milwaukee. An honorable man would have stood up and stated that he is a talk show host who supports McCain and personally gains from spouting this crap. Did he say that? No! He pretended to be just an average citizen who is begging McCain to take it to Obama. This guy, James T Harris, was trying to boost his popularity among conservatives in order to raise his ratings. What a tool!

(Thanks to Mike Mallory for doing the background on this weasel.)

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