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Remember that old equation – supply and demand. A friend of mine said something that really struck me. He said we aren’t going to get an explosion of jobs until demand increases. Demand equals the middle class doing better. It is really that simple.

Let’s take Levi’s 501 jeans. How do we get Levi’s to hire more people to make more of their classic 501 jeans? It isn’t by giving tax cuts to Paris Hilton. It is by putting more money into the pockets of average middle class Americans. Then, when thousands of Americans buy Levi’s 501 jeans and the demand exceeds the supply, the Levi Strauss company will hire more workers to make those classic jeans. It is that simple. 

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Who do Republicans think is acceptable?

I thought this was an interesting poll.

I have never said that I truly understand the Tea Party mind. Just to re-enforce my confusion, Gallup folks asked self-identified Tea Party Republicans who they thought was an acceptable candidate.

How Newt Gingrich represents the Tea Party is beyond me. Newt always represents himself. He is the worst of Washington. He is the lobbyist who lined his own pockets, both when he was in office and after he retired.

More from DK:

As you can see, Romney and Gingrich are in the first two spots within each group; Gingrich leads among conservatives and tea partiers; Romney leads among moderates and liberals as well as non-tea partiers. As Greg Sargent points out, Gingrich’s lead in his base is much, much larger than Romney’s lead within his base. That’s the basic reason why Gingrich is ahead. The voters who are supposed to be Romney’s strength are nearly as enthusiastic about Gingrich as they are about him, while Gingrich’s base is much more into their candidate than Romney.

That’s a good news/bad news situation for Romney. On the one hand, if Gingrich stumbles without another candidate taking his place (a big if), Romney’s in a good position to capitalize. But if he is unable to either put some space between himself and Gingrich within moderates and non-tea partiers or to close the gap among tea partiers and conservatives, the fate of his candidacy will be completely out of his control.

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They aren’t working for us

When I grew up, in the ’70s, it seemed as if every week 60 Minutes would have a blockbuster story. Over the years, the CBS news program seems to have lost its focus and hard-hitting journalism. Last night, they seemed to be getting back into form. Last night, they revealed that many Congressman, as most of us thought, aren’t working for us. We elect them to represent our interests in Washington. It appears that many of our congressmen are more interested in lining their own pockets than they are in passing legislation that helps the American people. This isn’t a Republican or Democratic issue. This is an American people issue.

Here is some information on the Stock Act (here, here and here)

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