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Cool GoPro Video from 100,000 ft

We have seen these GoPro videos from skiers and featuring eagles as they soar through canyons. This is the best one that I have seen to date. These nerds (my peeps) built a cage and placed a GoPro camera and a Galaxy Note II (for GPS) in it. They did the calculations. They launched the thing, but then promptly lost it. It was found two years later with some amazing photos.


Historic Chicago church burns

I have walked by this church and it was a remarkable structure. When you’re walking down Michigan Avenue you couldn’t help but see it. It was truly a beautiful edifice. I can’t tell from the photos if there has been major or minor damage. I’m very glad to see that there were no injuries or fatalities.

From the CT:

An extra-alarm blaze that broke out this morning at Holy Name Cathedral downtown caused extensive fire damage to the roof and attic, but spared the cathedral’s sanctuary.

Cardinal Francis George said the cathedral’s roof would have to be rebuilt and there was considerable water damage inside. “Chicago has always bounced back from fires and I think we’ll bounce back from this,” the cardinal said as he left the church.

“The boys saved the church, that’s for sure,” Deputy Fire District Chief Tony Romano, who was at the scene, said of his firefighters. “We don’t save too many of them.” (more… )