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Monday Morning News Roundup

Monday Morning News Roundup

DeMarco Murray celebrates a touchdown

The Dallas Cowboys are really playing some awful football. Fortunately for the Cowboys, the Philadelphia Eagles are even worse. The Cowboys are a different team when DeMarco Murray is playing. There was some great football yesterday. The Denver Broncos continue to roll with Peyton Manning. The New England Patriots with Tom Brady are poised for another playoff run. I’m not sure what’s going on with the Baltimore Ravens, who had a great opportunity to knock off the wounded Pittsburgh Steelers. That simply didn’t happen. Russell Wilson, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, continues to make plays. He was instrumental in the upset victory over the Chicago Bears. I cannot explain why the San Francisco 49ers cannot thoroughly trounce the St. Louis Rams. They can’t. As a matter fact, the Rams played like a playoff team in beating the 49ers.

John Boehner states the obvious – the House is not going to give up their main leverage tool in budget negotiations, the debt ceiling. The White House and Democrats would have to ante up an arm and a leg, and even that might not be enough to move the debt ceiling from partisan politics.

What is this strategic plan for a liberal/progressive future? (more…)

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Don’t let the Philadelphia Eagle game fool you, the Dallas Cowboys still have plenty of issues

The Dallas Cowboys traveled to Philadelphia yesterday. Both the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys are licking their wounds. Neither team was playing well. Both teams had huge problems on their offensive lines. Both Tony Romo and Michael Vick have been turning the ball over so frequently you have to wonder if there are bonus incentives in the contract to do just that. In my mind, the question wasn’t who was going to win this game. The question was who wasn’t going to lose.

Going into this game, I was highly critical of the Dallas Cowboys special teams. They’ve been especially awful. On Sunday, they turned in a mixed performance. DeWayne Harris ran back a punt. The special teams made a positive play, a welcome surprise. Brad Sham, long-time voice of the Cowboys, said that the Cowboys were first in the league at covering punts. Okay. That’s probably exactly right. Sham is rarely wrong, but we continually have kick returners fumbling the ball. On Sunday, it was no exception. Right after the defense gave up a cheap touchdown to Jeremy Macklin, Dunbar fumbled the subsequent kickoff. The Cowboys were lucky and were able to recover it. We simply can’t have that. Our punter shanked not one, but two punts. That’s not winning football.

Our number one draft choice, Morris Claiborne, was singed last week by Roddy White and Julio Jones. One would figure that he would try to make up for last week’s performance by playing a solid game this week. You would be wrong. Claiborne committed six penalties! Offsides and defensive holding were his specialties. Offsides? Seriously? I don’t get it. (more…)

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A Win for the Dallas Cowboys Means Nothing

Yesterday, I was talking with my brother, who is an eternal optimist. We were talking about the Dallas Cowboys. My brother, who has an astonishing, voluminous vocabulary, was running out of adjectives to describe the abysmal performance of the Dallas Cowboys this season. All I could do was listen as he compared this year’s team to those led by Quincy Carter and the early years of Troy Aikman/Steve Walsh (1-15).

Although beating the Philadelphia Eagles would be satisfying, it might mean absolutely nothing. The Eagles are struggling. The magic that Michael Vick had just 18 months ago seems to be gone. The one bright spot of the Dallas Cowboys can brag about would be Rob Ryan’s defense. They have played well despite a number of key injuries.

This afternoon, I will be scrutinizing special teams and the offense. So far this year the offensive line play has ranged anywhere from mediocre to awful. If they can’t keep Tony Romo in his comfort zone, the Cowboys will lose. If Tony Romo has an interception-o-rama, the Cowboys will lose. If Dez Bryant can’t run the correct routes, the Cowboys will lose. I have no idea how the Cowboys are going to run the ball, which they sorely need to do. Demarco Murray is out. They have no healthy running backs who can actually run the ball. Felix Jones is done. When he was drafted, he was one of the fastest guys in the NFL. He ain’t that guy now. He hasn’t shown the ability to fake anybody out or break tackles. He doesn’t have blazing speed any more. He has turned into Julius Jones (he also has Julius’ fumbling problem). I still haven’t figured out who or what Phillip Tanner is. All I know is he doesn’t look like the answer.

I will not even mention the Dallas Cowboys’ special teams.

The Cowboys need to start building on something. They need to show that they want to play football. They need to show me that they deserve their huge salaries. They need to show me something. So far this year it’s been all down hill since the opening game of the season. (BTW, whatever happened to Jason Garrett, the offensive genius?)

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