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News Roundup – Syria, Jobs

It has been a while since I have had a news roundup. Sorry. I have fallen down on the job. First, on a personal note, a couple of years ago, I thought that I could get out of medicine. So, I thought that I should/could buy a building. I would broadcast from the building and rent out some space to help cover costs. I put pen to paper and found a great building. I looked for financing and started negotiating. We got to a price that was somewhat less than outrageous and then the fun began. To make a long story short, I couldn’t get financing and wanted to back out of the contract. The owner of the building said no, I couldn’t get out of the contract. I couldn’t back out. He wanted me to buy the building by hook or by crook. Soon thereafter the lawsuits started flying. I was being sued for over a million dollars. I had to retain my own lawyer. (Did you know good lawyers are expensive??? I mean really expensive.) So, the owner of the building sold the building for more than I had offered. I thought that the lawsuit would be dropped. Nope. He still wanted his money. Now, however, he only wanted $100,000. He was wronged. 18 months later. Thousands of dollars later. The lawsuit was dropped at last. This ends one of the craziest chapters in my life. The one thing that I have learned is that a good lawyer is worth the money. ūüôā

Syria chemical attacks

Syria. Well, damn. So, here’s what we have been told. Syria had used chemical weapons against its people before. Syria attacked its people with chemical weapons. We know from where the missiles were launched and we know where the missiles landed. We know that Syria shelled the area in order to destroy evidence. At least this is what we were told by John Kerry today. I hate to say it, but we were told that we knew that Iraq had nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. We were told that Iraq was a threat to the US. These statements were lies. Is the Obama administration lying to the American people? If we know all of this, why don’t the British know the same things? Why didn’t Prime Minister David Cameron present this information to Parliament? (I admit that I don’t know what he presented. All I know is that he didn’t convince Parliament that any type of military action was necessary.) Continue reading News Roundup – Syria, Jobs

A just trial for a terrorist (Update)

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed

It is clear to me that those who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks are sick and twisted individuals. Somehow, conservatives have decided that putting terrorists on trial is too something — too risky, too easy and too open to the public. So we need to do more. We need military tribunals. For some conservatives, that doesn’t sit right either. Some have argued that these terrorists do not deserve the same rights that we enjoy. They should not have a trial. They are guilty and that’s that.

I beg to differ. We have evolved a legal system over more than 250 years. Our system balances the rights of the accused versus the rights of the victim. Trials are as much about evidence as they are about process. We’ve been told by our politicians that we are a good and just people. If that is true then we should be able to have a trial in which US citizens sit on a jury, weigh the evidence and make a fair decision. In my opinion, these trials are as much about placing the guilty behind bars as they are about showing the world that eight years after the terrorist attacks we can conduct a fair and just process; not only in the eyes of the American people, but also in the eyes of the world.

Finally, on a personal note, I do not want revenge. There is nothing that a trial will do to erase the memory of that awful day. I personally do not want the death penalty for these terrorists. I would like for these guys to sit in jail and rot for decades. I would like for them to have long lives. I would like for them to be able to live long enough to understand that God is not about killing people. It doesn’t matter if it is the God of the Jews or of the Christians or of the Muslims. God is about love. God is about tolerance. God is about loving thy neighbor as thyself.

Glenn Greenwald has some additional comments about the amazing amount of cowardice that the conservatives are showing:

Understanding and Combatting Terrorism, USMC Major S.M. Grass, 1989:

Terrorism is a psychological weapon and is directed to¬†create a general climate of fear. As one definition cogently notes, “terror is a natural phenomenon, terrorism is the conscious exploitation of it.”¬† Terrorism utilizes violence to coerce governments and their peopleby inducing fear.

William Josiger, Fear Factor: The Impact of Terrorism on Public Opinion in the United States and Great Britain, 2006:

At its heart terrorism is about fear. While terrorist attacks destroy, maim and kill, the intended audience for these attacks is almost always the whole body politic and¬†the terrorist’s goal is to strike fear into their hearts.

GOP¬†House Leader John Boehner, condemning Obama’s decision to bring¬†Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to New York for trial, yesterday:

The Obama Administration’s irresponsible decision to prosecute the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks in New York City puts the interests of liberal special interest groups before the safety and security of the American people.

This is literally true:¬† the Right’s reaction to yesterday’s announcement —we’re too afraid to allow trials and due process in our country — is the textbook definition of “surrendering to terrorists.”¬† It’s the¬†same fear they’ve been spewing for years.¬† As always, the Right’s tough-guy leaders wallow in a combination of pitiful fear and cynical manipulation of the fear of their followers.¬† Indeed, it’s hard to find any group of people on the globe who exude this sort of weakness and fear more than the American Right.

The Attorney General Eric Holder was on Capital Hill yesterday talking about his decision to try KSM in NYC. Rachel Maddow discusses this with Steve Simon.

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