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Obama the Steady – January Jobs Report

There was a ton of good news in the job report that was released last week.

From BLS:

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 257,000 in January, and the unemployment rate
was little changed at 5.7 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.
Job gains occurred in retail trade, construction, health care, financial activities,
and manufacturing.

The economy continues to slowly but surely add more and more jobs. I wish we could have done this sooner and quicker but we have a Congress that doesn’t want to do anything that would help the average American worker. Can you spell – STIMULUS? An additional stimulus would have avoided the pain that millions of Americans felt because they were out of work for months or years.

59 straight months with private section adding jobs
Term Private Sector Jobs Added (000s)
Carter 9,041
Reagan 1 5,360
Reagan 2 9,357
GHW Bush 1,510
Clinton 1 10,885
Clinton 2 10,070
GW Bush 1 -844
GW Bush 2 381
Obama 1 2,018
Obama 2 5,5421 (124 months into 2nd term: 11,084 pace.)
Read more at http://www.calculatedriskblog.com/2015/02/public-and-private-sector-payroll-jobs.html#zK1jpdLecMH5Db00.99

Let’s let this last table sink in for a while. With all of the bad-mouthing of Obama he is on pace to have created more jobs during his last 4 years in office than any other president over the last 35 years. This includes Reagan.

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Robin Williams on Obama and Bush (Update)

I posted this several years ago. I updated it today.

robin williams

The greatness of Robin Williams should not be understated. Back when cable was new, a friend and I, being in college, were slightly inebriated and we watched Robin Williams’ HBO special, Comedy Faster Than the Speed of Thought. We almost blew out double hernias laughing so hard. It was painful. Unlike some other comedians, Robin Williams has never lost the ability to do standup. He has this stream of consciousness that is simply amazing to watch. Here he is on some show that I’ve never heard of, introduced by one of my favorite comedic actors John Cleese of Monty Python fame.

One of the great lines from this stand up is, “Where did they get Sarah Palin? Did Ronald Reagan and Posh Spice have a child?”

Update: Robin Williams died today. I have had a special relationship with Robin Williams since the early 1980s. There was no one who was funnier. I loved his movies. I loved his spirit. I’ll miss him.

News Roundup – Malaysian airliner, George Zimmerman, Ukraine

I’ve been ridiculously busy lately. I haven’t had time to post really anything of substance in weeks, if not months. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do better over the next several weeks.

Too Busy
Too Busy

I have no idea what’s going on with this Malaysian airliner. Was it hijacked? Were the pilots lost? I don’t think anybody really has a good clue.

I don’t know about you but I find it somewhat repulsive that George Zimmerman is signing autographs at a gun show. On one hand, I understand that everybody needs to have a job and needs to make money. It is also perfectly within his rights to be at a gun show and sign autographs. Yet, it is really disturbing. Continue reading News Roundup – Malaysian airliner, George Zimmerman, Ukraine