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Friday Morning News Roundup

Yesterday, the president spoke at the University of Miami and basically defended a balanced approach to solving our energy crisis. He was 100% correct in pointing out that simply drilling here, there and everywhere is not an answer to our problems. Instead we need to invest in developing all forms of alternative energy. Some progressives had a problem with the fact that he did include nuclear power in the discussion. Personally, I think we need to back away from nuclear power. I believe that we must actually have a solution as to how we’re going to get rid of the nuclear waste. Simply burying it in a big hole is fine for Wiley E. Coyote, but it’s not a real energy plan.

Sometimes, I find humor in these debates. The fact that Ron Paul continues to let himself be treated as the crusty old grandfather who really has nothing meaningful to say in the debate I find amusing. I also find it funny that it surprises people that Newt Gingrich says something outrageous and attacks the media. Not only is it not surprising, it should be expected. The stupidity of Newt Gingrich’s infanticide comments cannot be overemphasized.

Every now and then, you know it must suck to be the president. You are responsible for so much and yet so much is out of your control. Recently, we had another burning of the Koran in Afghanistan. How does this happen? We know exactly what the response will be – angry mobs which will turn violent. In my humble opinion, there is simply no excuse for us to be burning Bibles, the Torah or the Koran. The fact that Newt Gingrich is outraged that we apologized for this ridiculous act of thoughtlessness should not surprise anyone.

Sears is dying. It has been on life support for some time. I’m not sure that smart commercials are going to save it.

GOP is losing women voters. Dems seem to be winning.

Several lawmakers received threatening letters containing white powder. This should remind all of us that, in spite of spending billions of dollars on security, we still really are not safe. By the way, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert received the envelopes, also.

A 10,000 year old carving was found in Brazil. It is thought to be the oldest human carving in America.

The Department of Homeland Security has been tracking Americans on social media, despite having told Congress they weren’t really doing that.

Representative John Sullivan (Republican – Oklahoma) formally apologized on Thursday after he was said that he would need to kill members of the Senate in order to pass the Republican budget. An apology is all that is needed? Now everything’s okay?

By the way, did you noticed in Obama’s speech that he pointed out that the United States is producing more oil today than at any time in the last eight years? Where is the harsh and vicious retort from Republicans? Where are the accusations that president Obama is a liar and a communist? Crickets.

What’s on your mind?

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Grab Bag – Monday

Good morning. Here are a couple of things.

PJ Crowley, former State Department Spokesperson

  • With the chaos that is going on in Japan, a friend of mine sent me an e-mail about a power plant that we have on an active fault line. Diablo Canyon Power Plant is not far from not one, not two faultlines. It is designed to withstand a quake of 7.5 magnitude. It just gives me pause. I would prefer a nice wind farm.
  • It appears that a group of Republicans still believe that Yucca Mountain should be our national repository for nuclear waste.
  • A man who was swept out to sea, after the Japanese tsunami, has been found.
  • Another militia group has been disrupted, this time in Alaska. Their motives and tactics appear to be familiar.
  • Here’s part of the inside story of the NPR “sting” performed by serial liar James O’Keefe. There is a simple truth in life. If the situation seems to be too good to be true, 99 times out of 100, it’s too good to be true.
  • Mitch McConnell defends nuclear energy.
  • A good man, P.J. Crowley has stepped down from the State Department after “controversial” statements about the detention of Bradley Manning. If the reports are true, I don’t understand why Bradley Manning has to be detained in his underwear. If he is guilty, put him on trial. If he’s not guilty, release him. It’s that simple.
  • To repeat the obvious, we’re still not broke.
  • Why do we keep interviewing Michele Bachmann? She has been proven to be wrong time after time. She now claims the Tea Party has bipartisan support. If she says so.
  • Thoughtful Libyan update. Rebel forces seem to be retreating.
  • I love the protests in Wisconsin. I support them with all my heart. I will also support them with as much cash as I can.
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Sunday Morning Grab Bag

A couple of quick items this morning.

  • I hate Daylight Savings Time. One of the stupidest inventions of all time. Whenever I have to wake up earlier, I think it’s stupid. 🙂

  • I was asked about nuclear power yesterday and I answered in a quick comment. Briefly, the essence of nuclear power is that we are going to create a nuclear reaction, which we are going to control. We then use the heat in the nuclear reaction to superheat water. That water will be turned into steam and the steam will be used to turn turbines to generate electricity. I have three basic problems with nuclear energy. First, the process does not seem to be the most energy-efficient. Secondly, nuclear power plants are extremely expensive to build and therefore require taxpayer money to help these utility companies. As far as I know, the taxpayers are sharing in the risk but not in the benefits. If you want us to fill the bill then we need to sit on the board of directors. Thirdly, when the fuel rods are all used up, I don’t think that we’ve come up with an adequate solution of what to do with the nuclear waste. Burying the waste in a great big hole sounds too much like a Wily E Coyote solution. Trucking nuclear waste all over the country just seems to be a formula for disaster.
  • Cool new website called This may be a way for us to fix our political districts and nonpolitical manner. I’m hopeful.
  • Great interview with Naomi Klein about her new book which deals with those who deny global warming.
  • It looks like the situation in Japan is more serious than we thought. Looks like we are dealing with a nuclear disaster.
  • The protesters in Wisconsin will not quit. I’m loving these guys. Personally, I will send them every bit of support that I can afford. They are going to change the political landscape not just in Wisconsin but in the United States for the next 5-10 years.
  • Michele Bachmann needs a history lesson. The battles of Lexington and Concorde took place in Massachusetts and not New Hampshire.
  • Don’t let the mainstream media fool you. The disaster that is becoming the NFL’s fight with its players union is more than a disagreement among millionaires. This is about much more than that. Read as much as you can and stay informed. This is an age-old battle between workers and owners. This is about splitting up a $9 billion pie and the owners want a larger share.
  • The Arab League has voted to support a no-fly zone in Libya. No surprise here. The Arab League understands that stability sells oil.
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