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Domestic Terrorism – Getting a handle on our own

Did you hear about the bomb that was found in Spokane? This was serious.

From TPM:

A bomb found along the route of a Martin Luther King Day parade in Spokane, Wash., on Monday was a sophisticated device with the potential to devastate, an official on the case tells the AP.

“They haven’t seen anything like this in this country,” the official said. “This was the worst device, and most intentional device, I’ve ever seen.”

The official also said the device was rigged to a remote detonator.

Officially, the FBI has not released many details about the bomb, other than that it was viable and could have caused multiple casualties.

An FBI official yesterday told TPM the bomb was an act of “domestic terrorism.”

It was found Monday morning in a parking lot along the parade route, just half an hour before the parade was to begin. Three city workers who found the backpack it was stuffed in called the police, who sealed off several blocks and rerouted the parade. The FBI dismantled the bomb and is handling the investigation. (more…)

This isn’t the first bomb threat or terrorist attempt in the last couple of years. There is a trend. There is an uptick in this kind of terrorism. All of these acts are targeting Liberals or the Government. This a growing problem.

From C&L:

July 2008: A gunman named Jim David Adkisson, agitated at how “liberals” are “destroying America,” walks into a Unitarian Church and opens fire, killing two churchgoers and wounding four others.

October 2008: Two neo-Nazis are arrested in Tennessee in a plot to murder dozens of African-Americans, culminating in the assassination of President Obama.

December 2008: A pair of “Patriot” movement radicals — the father-son team of Bruce and Joshua Turnidge, who wanted “to attack the political infrastructure” — threaten a bank in Woodburn, Oregon, with a bomb in the hopes of extorting money that would end their financial difficulties, for which they blamed the government. Instead, the bomb goes off and kills two police officers. The men eventually are convicted and sentenced to death for the crime.

December 2008: In Belfast, Maine, police discover the makings of a nuclear “dirty bomb” in the basement of a white supremacist shot dead by his wife. The man, who was independently wealthy, reportedly was agitated about the election of President Obama and was crafting a plan to set off the bomb.

January 2009: A white supremacist named Keith Luke embarks on a killing rampage in Brockton, Mass., raping and wounding a black woman and killing her sister, then killing a homeless man before being captured by police as he is en route to a Jewish community center.

February 2009: A Marine named Kody Brittingham is arrested and charged with plotting to assassinate President Obama. Brittingham also collected white-supremacist material.

April 2009: A white supremacist named Richard Poplawski opens fire on three Pittsburgh police officers who come to his house on a domestic-violence call and kills all three, because he believed President Obama intended to take away the guns of white citizens like himself. Poplawski is currently awaiting trial.

April 2009: Another gunman in Okaloosa County, Florida, similarly fearful of Obama’s purported gun-grabbing plans, kills two deputies when they come to arrest him in a domestic-violence matter, then is killed himself in a shootout with police.

May 2009: A “sovereign citizen” named Scott Roeder walks into a church in Wichita, Kansas, and assassinates abortion provider Dr. George Tiller.

June 2009: A Holocaust denier and right-wing tax protester named James Von Brunn opens fire at the Holocaust Museum, killing a security guard.

February 2010: An angry tax protester named Joseph Ray Stack flies an airplane into the building housing IRS offices in Austin, Texas. (Media are reluctant to label this one “domestic terrorism” too.)

March 2010: Seven militiamen from the Hutaree Militia in Michigan and Ohio are arrested and charged with plotting to assassinate local police officers with the intent of sparking a new civil war.

March 2010: An anti-government extremist named John Patrick Bedell walks into the Pentagon and opens fire, wounding two officers before he is himself shot dead.

May 2010: A “sovereign citizen” from Georgia is arrested in Tennessee and charged with plotting the violent takeover of a local county courthouse.

May 2010: A still-unidentified white man walks into a Jacksonville, Fla., mosque and sets it afire, simultaneously setting off a pipe bomb.

May 2010: Two “sovereign citizens” named Jerry and Joe Kane gun down two police officers who pull them over for a traffic violation, and then wound two more officers in a shootout in which both of them are eventually killed.

July 2010: An agitated right-winger and convict named Byron Williams loads up on weapons and drives to the Bay Area intent on attacking the offices of the Tides Foundation and the ACLU, but is intercepted by state patrolmen and engages them in a shootout and armed standoff in which two officers and Williams are wounded.

September 2010: A Concord, N.C., man is arrested and charged with plotting to blow up a North Carolina abortion clinic. The man, 26-year–old Justin Carl Moose, referred to himself as the “Christian counterpart to (Osama) bin Laden” in a taped undercover meeting with a federal informant.

January 2011: A 22-year-old gunman named Jared Lee Loughner with a long grudge against Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and a paranoid hatred of the government walks into a public Giffords event and shoots her in the head, then keeps firing, killing six people and wounding 14 more. Gifford miraculously survives.

January 2011: A backpack bomb with the potential of killing or injuring dozens of people is found along the route of a Martin Luther King Day “unity march” in downtown Spokane.

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Shooting at National Holocaust Museum (Update)

I have no idea what this gunman’s (James W. von Brunn) problem was, but he was on the radar of the Southern Poverty Law Center for a long time. It appears that he has ties with white supremacist groups and also neo-Nazi groups. (Is there a difference?) He reportedly has a website (now not available) with lots of ramblings about Jews and Negroes.

It seems as if the election of President Barack Obama has allowed Pandora’s box to open and all the crazies have fallen out of the box. There was the cop shooting in Pittsburgh. The shooter had some bizarre conspiracy theory. We had the shooting of Dr. Tiller in Kansas by an anti-abortion terrorist. We had some guy in Utah threaten the President in front of a bank teller.  There may be a pattern here.

I am extremely saddened that somebody had to die before we could stop this hatemonger. Many news outlets are reporting that the security guard, 39-year-old Stephen Tyronne Johns, was killed. Johns had worked at the Holocaust Memorial Museum for over six years. DK has a nice post saluting Mr. Johns.

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

From the Southern Poverty Law Center:

Von Brunn is the author of the 1999 book, “Kill the Best Gentiles,” a racist and anti-Semitic tome that argues that whites are seeing “today on the world stage a tragedy of enormous proportions: the calculated destruction of the White Race and the incomparable culture it represents. Europe, former fortress of the West, is now over-run by hordes of non-Whites and mongrels.” A raging anti-Semite, von Brunn blames “The Jews” for the destruction of the West. The book is dedicated to prominent neo-Nazis and racists including Revilo Oliver and Wilmot Robertson.

In 2003, AP reported that von Brunn had painted a portrait of Rear Adm. John Crommelin, a raging anti-Semite who was a close associate of neo-Nazi William Pierce, whose book The Turner Diaries inspired Timothy McVeigh’s bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building.

On his website, von Brunn also claims that in 1981, while wearing a “London Fog raincoat to conceal his weapons,” he attempted to put the whole Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve under “legal, non-violent citizens-arrest.” He wanted “to bind their hands and persuade them to appear on television.” The website says he was sentenced to 11 years for his actions. (more…)

Update from Political Animal:

Fox News spent much of April hyperventilating about a report from the Department of Homeland Security, warning of possible threats posed by violent radicals, specifically from anti-abortion and anti-Semitic extremists.

The DHS report, which Republicans spent weeks trying to exploit for partisan gain, looks considerably different now. On Fox News this afternoon, while the story at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum was still unfolding, Shep Smith referenced the memo, saying he remembered the report “warning, ‘look out for crazy extremists out there, about to do weirdness,’ and here we are.”

Catherine Herridge, a domestic security correspondent for the Fox News, said this is “an excellent point to bring up.” She added, “[W]e have to now see those two intelligence assessments that were released by Homeland Security earlier this year — one dealt with left-wing extremists, the other dealt with right-wing extremists — you have to see them in a somewhat different light.”

Greg Sargent added, “If this gunman proves to be an anti-government zealot and white supremacist, there will be tons of cable chatter and mea culpa-ing to the effect that the DHS was doing exactly what it was supposed to be doing in issuing that report. Right?”

We’ll see.

Shep Smith added that the DHS report “was a warning to us all, and it appears now they were right.”

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Last Night's Roundup

Last Night’s Roundup (a day late)

*I was really tired last night after being on call for the last week. The good news is I really voted yesterday.  It felt very good to vote for somebody I truly believe in. Anyway, there were some good stories yesterday so, here’s what I wanted to post last night —

*Neo-Nazis had plotted to kill Barack Obama. The plot was discovered and two people were arrested. There are a lot of great people in this country, full of love and kindness.  On the other hand, there are a lot of knuckleheads who were full of hatred, envy and loathing.

*In spite of hard economic times, the wealth of our congressmen grew by 13% in 2007. Did you know that over 60% of our senators are millionaires? When you consider what it takes to run a campaign, it becomes clear why no one but a millionaire can afford to take that kind of time off from work. Of course they are millionaires.

*National security experts have stated that the next president will be tested, no matter who the next president is. Didn’t Al Qaeda test Bush and Clinton early in their presidency? This only makes sense. Somehow, though, we need to be ready.

*Sadly, McCain seems to be running a campaign against himself. On one hand he has touted his closeness to President Bush and his policies. On the other hand, he has tried to distance himself from President Bush and his policies.  It’s all rather confusing. See the RMS video below.

*Call center workers have walked off the job rather than read an inflammatory script that bashes Barack ObamaGood for them!

*More newspapers are jumping on Barack Obama’s bandwagon. The Charlotte Observer and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram are only two of the latest papers to endorse Obama. Even the little paper in Wasilla, Alaska, hometown of Sarah Palin, has endorsed Barack Obama.

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