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A friend of mine sent me this today. I will call this the conservative tax rant. (Please read the rant.) We’ve all seen multiple variations of this tax rant over the years. This e-mail is a mix of probably three or four different e-mails. I haven’t taken the time to look it up but I bet you it is so. The underlying theme throughout the e-mail is that we pay “too many taxes.” I would like to look at this from several different angles because I think it reveals the conservative mindset – do anything to make your point (including play loose with the facts) then drive it home over and over and over again until you get an emotional response.

First, deception. I have no idea when this e-mail was written. I suspect the person who sent it has no idea either. But one billion seconds ago equals a little over 31 years. If you’d like to round up, equals 32 years. 32 years ago makes it 1979. There’s a lot of difference between 1959 (which is stated in the e-mail) and 1979. I was alive in 1979 enjoying disco music (the BeeGees were hot), wearing bell bottoms and silk shirts. I was not even a twinkle in my mother’s eye in 1959. The purpose of this first section is to inflate how big one billion really is. Jesus was not alive 1,000,000,000 min. ago. Most scholars have him dying around the year 33 – 34 A.D. Remember, accuracy is not the point of this e-mail. The e-mail then launches into the fact that Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu (a Democrat) is asking for approximately $250 billion to rebuild New Orleans. What the e-mail intentionally leaves out is the fact that Republican Senator David Vitter cosponsored the bill. What it also doesn’t mention is that the bill was never passed. The bill never left committee. It was read twice at the Senate Finance Committee. It never had a hearing. Nothing. Yet, the e-mail would have us believe that we spent $250 billion and basically gave the residents of New Orleans this money in a direct infusion.

Next, we have a laundry list of taxes. This laundry list is supposed to be so overwhelming to get you frustrated, mad, red in the face and ready for action. Let’s look at the first 10 taxes that are listed – Building Permit Tax, CDL License Tax, Cigarette Tax, Corporate Income Tax, Dog License Tax, Federal Income Tax (Fed), Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA), Fishing License Tax, Food License Tax, Fuel Permit Tax. How many of these taxes do you pay? I’m not building a building. I don’t smoke cigarettes. I do have a small corporation and I pay corporate income tax. I don’t have a dog. I do pay federal income tax. My federal unemployment tax is minimal since I really don’t make a whole lot of money in my corporation. I don’t fish. I don’t pay a food license tax or a fuel permit tax. So, what’s the point of listing all these taxes that most of us don’t pay? The point is not for the viewer to stop and think about this rationally, it but instead of you to get mad. It’s purpose is to get you to join the “I hate taxes” association.

More later. I need to go to work.

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Beck jumps on the “let da’ house burn” bandwagon

In my previous post, I was accused of painting the firefighters as conservatives (I don’t know who they were and it doesn’t matter). I did nothing of the sort. Instead, my point was that a conservative mindset has been poisoning this country for years. The mindset is simply – I’m out for myself. I don’t want to help anybody else. I don’t want to pay for anybody else. I want to keep all my money for myself. It is from this mindset that you can get a subscription service for fire protection. Those who don’t have the money simply don’t get protection. I mentioned in my previous post that many conservatives were jumping on this bandwagon. Glenn Beck did not miss the opportunity.

From TP:

Now, yet another major conservative has joined the defense. On his radio show this afternoon, leading right-wing talker Glenn Beck and his producer Pat Gray openly mocked the Cranick family. After playing a news clip explaining the situation, Gray adopted a southern drawl and began to mock Gene Cranick’s explanation of how the county’s firefighters refused to help his family.

Beck then went on to complain that “those who are just on raw feeling are not going to understand” that the county’s actions in refusing to assist the Cranicks were justified. He explained that America will be having the “argument” about the case of the Cranicks and that it will go “nowhere if you go onto ‘compassion, compassion, compassion, compassion’ or well, ‘they should’ve put it out, what is the fire department for?’” Beck then went on to say that the Cranicks would be “spongeing off their neighbors” if the fire department had helped them put out their fire. The radio host concluded his rant by saying “this is the kind of stuff that’s going to have to happen, we are going to have to have these kinds of things”:

GRAY: (mocking Cranick’s accent) Even tho’ I hadn’t paid mah seventy five dollahs I thought dey’d put it out. […] I wanted ‘em to put it out, but dey didn’t put it out.

BECK: Here’s the thing. Those that are just on raw feeling are not going to understand. […]

GRAY: But I thought they was gonna put the fire out anyway, but it burned down. Dat ain’t right! […] What’s the Fire Department for if you don’t put out the fire?! […] I thought they’d put out mah fire even if I didn’t pay seventy five dollars.

BECK: This is the sort of argument that Americans are going to have.

GRAY: It is.

BECK: And it goes nowhere if you go onto “compassion, compassion, compassion, compassion” or well, “they should’ve put it out, what is the fire department for?” […] If you don’t pay the 75 dollars then that hurts the fire department. They can’t use those resources, and you’d be spongeing off your neighbor’s resources. […] It’s important for America to have this debate. This is the kind of stuff that’s going to have to happen, we are going to have to have these kinds of things. (more…)

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September 10th mind-set

The week John McCain’s campaign seems to be looking for their own voice that will bring in donations. It is well known that money has been tight around the McCain campaign headquarters ever since… he began his campaign. So, he has beaten around the edges and that hasn’t worked. So, it is time for him to pull out his big guns. It is time to start with old tried and true – Democrats can’t keep America safe. McCain’s henchmen (James Woolsey and Randy Scheunemann) attacked Barack Obama stating that they had a September 10th mindset when it came to fighting terror. There are so many ways to go with this. It is hard to know where to start.

Let’s start with James Woolsey former CIA director and cheerleader for the Iraq war. He was such a cheerleader that he was a lobbyist for the Iraqi National Congress and their leader the fraud Ahmed Chalabi. He has the judgment to question anything that anyone says? Let alone Barack Obama? Woolsey also saw Saddam behind the Oklahoma City bombing.

So, who would raise his 9/11 head during this dust up, Rudy Giuliani?!!! (Rudy, Rudy, Rudy) Now, that brings a smile to my face. No one has been better at flaming out this campaign season than Rudy Giuliani. He had the nerve to say that Obama would make America take a defensive posture when we need to stay on the offense. Really?!?! He hasn’t used that line before has he? Only 1000 times per day on the campaign trail.

Obama has stood up and firmly smacked down McCain and his boys. Stating that he will not be lectured to by a group who lost Bin Laden and invaded the wrong country. Now, this is what I have been waiting for since 2003. I have been waiting for a democrat to stand up and be strong. I have been waiting for a democrat to say that we can keep our constitution and defeat the terrorists. Man, it is sooo good to hear what I have been saying for 5 years.

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