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Don’t focus on Iowa

To clearly understand where the Republican party is going, we shouldn’t focus on Iowa. Iowa is just a piece of the Republican puzzle. New Hampshire and South Carolina are also very important. Once we are through with primaries, which will have covered the south, the midwest and the far northeast, we should have a pretty good picture of who the GOP is going to choose.

Man, it is cold!

This morning the temperature is 4 degrees here in Asheville, NC. It is seriously cold.

From MSNBC: Miserable, lung-burning, face-numbing temperatures are one thing in the Midwest and Northeast. But the Deep South?

Temperatures plummeted Friday across the Midwest and eastern U.S., and delivered a stinging slap to Southerners unaccustomed to the frigid weather. Schools were closed in a dozen states and homeless shelters were overcrowded. Those that did venture outside bundled up and made quick trips.

In an odd twist, Alabama was colder than Alaska. (more… )