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Madonna – Vogue

Kind of crazy day. So, the Governor of Texas has decided to alert the National Guard to look for evidence that Obama is going to attempt a military takeover of Texas. Really?

Six police officers have been charged in the death of Freddie Gray. There is no joy here for me. I find the whole thing sad. Yes, I would like to see justice. I would like to see police officers doing their job – serving and protecting the public.

Artist: Madonna
Tune: Vogue

Best Dance Tunes of 1986

I haven’t posting anything on the immigration issue cuz nothing has really changed. Yep, the president has done what he usually does – he has made a thoughtful, careful move that stirs the pot but really doesn’t fix anything. His move will help some economic refugees, but there are still around 35 million who are left out in the cold. I find the whole issue depressing, so I’m going to talk about music.

So Rhapsody has come out with the best dance tunes of 1986. There was some great music in 1986. This list of 50 tunes does contain some great tunes. It also contains some really, really forgettable tunes. I will post only my three favorites.

Artist: Prince
Tune: Kiss

Artist: Cameo
Tune: Word Up

Artist: Madonna
Tune: Open Your Heart


Artist: Nu Shooz
Tune: I Can’t Wait

The original tune as it was mixed was a nice dancible tune. The club mix was absolutely awful. Below is the radio mix, the good version.

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Madonna: Four Minutes

Madonna released her first single in 1982. Her first album, Like a Virgin, came out in the following year. Twenty-four years later (and 20 or 30 hits later), Madonna is dancing around the Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. I think that this is a testament to what a great performance artist she truly is. Very few in the music business can look at 25 years worth of work and smile and say that they are still on top. Here’s Four Minutes.