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Keystone Dead For Now

Just because it looks as if the Keystone Pipeline is dead, don’t think that this fight is over. Some very powerful people stand to make tons of money for this project to simply die. It will be back, I promise.

From The Nation:

For the second time in as many months, the Obama administration has rejected the Keystone XL pipeline—a hugely controversial project that would traverse the length of the country from Nebraska to the Gulf of Mexico, carrying heavy and dirty tar sands oil from deep in Canada.

You’ll recall that, following a summer of protests and civil disobedience, the administration announced in November that it was delaying the project for at least a year, until a less disruptive route around a key aquifer in Nebraska could be studied and proposed. (Many believe this delay would kill the project entirely).

But Republicans successfully revived the project during the end-of-year negotiations on the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance. Democrats desperately wanted these measures, and the final bill included a provision that would force the State Department to issue a decision on Keystone within two months. (more…)

Oh, btw, I don’t buy the GOP argument that the pipeline would make 2500 or 100,000 jobs. Media Matters clearly shows how the media pumped up the jobs numbers.

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Final Thoughts From PA

  • Quinnipiac University released its latest polling numbers. Unlike many of the folks polling these days in Pennsylvania, Quinnipiac has been in the state for a long time. They know what they are doing. Senator Hillary Clinton is up by six percent. This identical to their poll from two weeks ago. Interestingly, in that poll, one-third of Clinton supporters thought that she wasn’t going to win the nomination. Now, if some of these folks don’t show up for Clinton or they switch allegiance to Senator Barack Obama, the scales might tip in Obama’s favor. Also, I have heard that over 150,000 new voters have signed up.
  • AggieDemocrat on DailyKos are asking folks to vote for Obama. Funny read.
  • Keystone Politics has two opposing articles. One states that Obama will win Pennsylvania. The other post states that Clinton will win by double-digits. Ironically, both articles are written by the same person. I think that Clinton will win, but it will be very close.
  • 2 Political Junkies have some great pictures from a Clinton rally that took place on Monday.
  • Lehigh Valley Political Blog wonders if Clinton doesn’t win the nomination then who would be the next viable woman who could run for President. I’m not sure that there are any female Senators or Congresswomen in position to run for President in 2012.
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