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Grab Bag — Saturday Evening News Roundup

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Michael Jackson update — the cops are looking for a second physician.  Jackson’s primary physician Dr. Conrad Murray has lawyered up.  Randy Jackson appears to be making the funeral plans.  (Randy is the youngest brother.)  Michael Jackson will be on the cover of Time magazine.  The Jackson family may be looking to get a second autopsy. (TMZ has been two to four hours ahead of the MSM on this story.)


Last night the Washington Post reported that president Barack Obama was looking into writing an Executive Order continuing indefinite detention, without trial, on several detainees.  My stomach is beginning to turn.  Glenn, Joan and others have extensively commented on this craziness.  I understand about the responsibility to keep us safe.  I also understand about the rule of law.  Getting Congress to change the laws in spite the fact that these guys have been in our custody for several years just doesn’t smack of American justice.

Enbattled Governor Mark Sanford has stated clearly that he will not resign… some sort of biblical analogy involving King David which really did not fit the situation.  Furthermore, I think that he has completely lost his ability to quote the Bible to anybody.  He needs to just sit down and read it for while.  He may comprehend some of its teachings and lessons.  (Psst… Governor. Start with the 10 Commandments.)  Sanford should be the second governor to be impeached this year for dereliction of duty.  Now I have not read the South Carolina Constitution but I’m sure it has something in it about being a complete moron.

The violence in Iraq appears to be escalating.  Motorcycle bombs killed 20 in separate attacks.  More than 250 people died in attacks this week.  It is sad that we’ve done such a poor job at creating an environment for peace.  We created a great environment from which Bectel, Halliburton and Blackwater can extract millions of dollars.

In a bizarre story, the wife of Representative John Conyers, the chairman of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee, pled guilty to one count of corruption in Detroit yesterday.  Monica Conyers accepted two cash bribes of at least $3000 each.  Really? Seriously?  I mean, it if they don’t hand you a suitcase that has enough money in it for you to live in a Caribbean island the rest of your life, what’s the point?

The swine flu slowly but surely continues to march on.  It should not be forgotten nor taken lightly.  Currently in the United States there are 27,717 cases with 127 deaths.  I’ve not heard anything new on the vaccine.  It seems to me that it is very likely that the swine flu will spike again as winter approaches.  We must be diligent.  Frequent handwashing.  Stay home when sick.  This could be a huge problem.

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What's going on – News Roundup

Monday Evening News Roundup
  • Mohammed Ali used the famous “rope a dope” to sucker George Foreman into punching himself out. Ali was able to knock him out in the seventh or eighth round if I’m not mistaken. I’m just wondering if Congressman John Conyers has done the same thing to Karl Rove. He has just issued another subpoena for Karl Rove to appear in front of the House Judiciary Committee. Now, this is going to get interested.
  • It was an abysmal day in court for former Senator Norm Coleman. The judge has essentially told his legal team to go back and start again.
  • A huge study shows no link between the vaccine and autism.
  • President Barack Obama announced a new environmental policy today. He is completely change the direction of the US government. His statement was clear. He repeated some of the rhetoric that he used in his campaign. We’re going to use this economic crisis to develop alternative fuels. He also asked the EPA to re-look at California’s request for higher fuel emission standards which the Bush administration turned down – twice. (See the video below)

  • Blogging friend and guest on my radio show Glenn Greenwald has an excellent post from Friday. He clearly documents how the far right and the media are conspiring to scare Americans into thinking closing Guantánamo Bay is a bad idea. We don’t want to bring dangerous criminals to the United States has been their theme. They forget to mention the number of dangerous criminals and terrorists that are sitting in United States prisons right now.
  • Timothy Geithner has been confirmed as Secretary of the Treasury. The vote wasn’t quite along party lines but it was close. Almost every single one of the Republicans voted against his confirmation.
  • In case you haven’t been paying attention, the American economy is in trouble. Announcements of major job cuts on Thursday, Friday and today add up to over 48,000 jobs being cut. Caterpillar, Home Depot, General Motors, Texas Instruments are just a few of the major corporations that announced job cuts. In the face of these job cuts and bad economic news, we learned today that Citigroup has just completed the purchase of a brand-new $50 million corporate jet. This is the same Citigroup that asked for $45 billion of our money in the bailout.
  • A new survey finds only one in four Americans believes that the Bush administration committed war crimes. That’s all? Only one in four?!?! I guess we have more education to do.
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What's going on – Evening News Roundup

Monday Evening News Roundup

  • Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for defeating the Boston Red Sox in game seven and advancing to the World Series. The Philadelphia Phillies have already defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers to make it to the ultimate show. Although major networks may not be happy since big time television markets (Los Angeles and New York) will not be directly involved, this should be a good series featuring excellent baseball. This continues a trend that we’ve been seeing over the last several years where the team with the most expensive roster is sitting at home watching the World Series. I like this trend.
  • Did John McCain solicit campaign contributions from the Russian ambassador? A generic “send a contribution to” letter was sent to the Russian ambassador. I guess the question is what mailing list was the Russian ambassador on?
  • It is now clear that the John McCain campaign will stoop to any level and renege on any promise in order to try to gain an advantage. Campaign manager Rick Davis (former lobbyist for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) stated in an interview that they were rethinking their position on Reverend Jeremiah Wright.
  • Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told members of the House Budget Committee that he favored another stimulus package for the economy. The White House is reportedly “open” to new proposals. Isn’t that a day late and several billion dollars short? Democrats have been calling for an additional stimulation package for months.
  • Governor Sarah Palin was on Saturday Night Live this weekend. It isn’t clear to me exactly how well the McCain campaign thought this out. Saturday night live was a show that not many people were watching before Tina Fey began lampooning Sarah Palin. Fey’s impression of the governor is hilariously accurate. She portrays the governor’s cluelessness perfectly. So how does this help the McCain-Palin ticket?
  • Congressman John Conyers (chairman of the House Judiciary committee) is seeing a lot of similarities between the US attorney scandal in this latest dustup over ACORN. Democrats tend to want to focus on the issues. We tend to downplay these “meaningless” distractions. I think ignoring this major Republican push would be detrimental to our chances of winning the White House and in gaining seats in Congress this November. The GOP is showing us a very coordinated effort to whip up public sentiment against ACORN. In a move typical of the Harlem Globetrotters, the Republicans will have America focused on ACORN (a group which has never committed voter fraud but has admittedly submitted erroneous voter registrations) while THEY THEMSELVES are committing widespread “voter caging” and vote suppression in multiple ways in multiple different states. This is serious.
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