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Disaster in Dallas

I grew in the ’60s and ’70s. The Dallas Cowboys won. They were a team that other teams tried to be. Now, not so much. The Dallas Cowboys are awful. I can’t explain a five-interception performance by Tony Romo. Miscommunication. Sloppy ball handling. Dropped passes. The Cowboys were simply awful. The only hope is for some type of New York Giants turnaround of the season. Jason Garrett is not Tom Coughlin. Tony Romo is not Eli Manning.

The score 34-18 does not tell the story. The Chicago Bears destroyed the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football. This wasn’t as bad as the 44-0 beat down that the Bears laid on the Cowboys back in 1985, but it was close. Jay Cutler looked like a seasoned veteran who was cool in the pocket. Tony Romo looked like a rookie. I have made hundreds of excuses for Tony because there are times when he looks great. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to have the ability to fix badness in the middle of a game. He doesn’t seem to be able to turn it up a notch. It is what it is with Tony. If he comes out hot, then the Cowboys have a chance to win. If he doesn’t… well, then the Cowboys are going to lose.

I could almost excuse the interceptions, but we were playing the Bears. They weren’t mixing up their coverages. Romo forced some balls into their patented cover to defense. Dez Bryant dropped a touchdown. Romo overthrew to a wide-open Miles Austin. Brandon Marshall was running through our “upgraded” secondary like it was last year’s secondary. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly.

The problem with the Cowboys is their offense. They can’t run the ball. They can’t run block. They can’t pass block. They can’t catch (Dez Bryant and Jason Witten have dropped more balls in the first four games of this year than they did all of last year). Only Jacksonville and the Colts have scored fewer points over the course of four games. At this rate, it might be time to call Terrell Owens and see if he is interested in playing some wide receiver. It is time for Jerry Jones to do something. This is embarrassing. (I’m thinking of burning my Cowboys t-shirts, baseball caps and other stuff in protest.)

I hate to say that the season is over after four games, but without some significant changes, the season is over. Where are Jimmy Johnson, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin? It brings a tear to my eye to remember that kind of excellence.

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NFL draft – craziness

Nowhere else do you see this type of unbridled craziness. You can only find it in the NFL. It is only in the NFL that you take a veteran quarterback like Peyton Manning and actually release him. The craziness of this particular move can only be understood if you’re both drunk and high or a delusional NFL football fan. Every year, for the last 10 or 15 years, right around draft time, people lose their minds. NFL fans, NFL owners, Scouts, everybody starts scrutinizing these young athletes. Everybody starts projecting their own hopes and wishes on these athletes.

The fact that the NFL combine is televised is simply crazy. It’s not just kind of crazy. It’s over-the-top nuts. Let’s just think about this for half a second. I’m supposed to spend some time sitting down watching these young athletes basically do calisthenics. Why? I don’t see how these “tests” translate into the ability to learn how to play in the NFL. If these tests were so good, if these tests were so accurate, why did Tom Brady fault of the sixth round of the NFL draft? Blaine Gabbert, how did he get drafted in the first round? (more…)

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NFL Week 15: A Few Thoughts and Predictions

The Dallas Cowboys took care of business last night against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It was a game that they were supposed to win. They jumped out to a 28-0 lead. Their defensive secondary continues to to be the Achilles’ heel of the Dallas Cowboys. I just don’t see how they can fix this in the next couple of weeks.

Miami Dolphins versus Buffalo Bills – Buffalo is playing at home. I’m going with Buffalo.

Seattle Seahawks versus Chicago Bears – Seattle is actually playing pretty well. Chicago cannot generate enough offense without Jay Cutler and Matt Forte. Seattle.

Carolina Panthers versus Houston Texans – How about Houston winning with their third-string quarterback?! I think that Houston will continue their winning ways. Their defense will come up with ways to slow down Cam Newton. Houston.

Green Bay Packers versus Kansas City Chiefs – The only question is whether the game will be over by the end of the first quarter or by the end of the second quarter? Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay Packers remain undefeated.

Tennessee Titans versus Indianapolis Colts – Smart people are saying that the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts Jim Caldwell will be fired at the end of the season. My question is why? The team is built around Peyton Manning. The team wasn’t built around the quarterback position, but around a specific quarterback and his skills. Without Peyton Manning scoring 30 points a week, the defense, which was mediocre by everyone’s standards, is now exposed as awful. How is that Jim Caldwell’s fault? Tennessee Titans should win this game.

New Orleans Saints versus Minnesota Vikings – I’m sure there’s some calculus in which Minnesota figures out a way to win this game, but I sure can’t figure it out. Drew Breeze and the Saints should win this game.

Washington Redskins versus New York Giants – Rex Grossman should actually have a good game. I must the Redskins defense can force a couple turnovers, I don’t see the Redskins making enough plays to win this game. The New York Giants do have a secondary that is almost as bad as the Dallas Cowboys’ secondary, but they should be able to win this game. New York football Giants.

Cincinnati Bengals versus St. Louis Rams – Cincinnati.

Detroit Lions versus Oakland Raiders – Can Detroit force Carson Palmer into throwing a couple of interceptions? If the answer is yes, then Detroit should roll. I think that Carson will play better today than he has the last couple of weeks. I’m going to take the Oakland Raiders.

Cleveland Browns versus Arizona Cardinals – Arizona.

New England Patriots versus Denver Broncos – I see Tom Brady and the New England Patriots actually playing a ball control offense and keeping the ball away from Tim Tebow. I see lots of short passes. I see lots of tough inside running and I see the Patriots working very hard to try to jump out to an early lead of two touchdowns are more. I’m choosing the magic of Tom Brady over the magic of Tim Tebow.

New York Jets versus the Philadelphia Eagles – this game is hard to read. Because I’m tired, because I’ve been up all night, I’m just gonna pull this one out of my… hat. Philadelphia Eagles.

Baltimore Ravens versus San Diego Chargers – San Diego’s surging. They finally have a full complement of receivers. Antonio Gates is also helping. I’m going to go with the San Diego super Chargers.

Pittsburgh Steelers versus San Francisco 49ers – This game will hinge on whether Big Ben plays or not. If he plays and can be effective, I think the Steelers offense will be able to make enough plays to win this game. If he doesn’t play, I think that the San Francisco 49ers should win this game.

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