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The Best Possible Iowa Results

The Iowa Republican caucus has been a time suck to follow and leaves you with the impression that Iowa is filled with mean-spirited nuts.

(Above–Cornfield  in Newton, Iowa. Every place has all types of people.) 

Yet Obama carried Iowa in 2008.  To the extent that voting for Obama is a progressive act, Iowa is not –taken as a whole– a right-wing place.

You have to know what is going on with the news of the day. At the same time, it is important to focus on what your own side can do better, and on generating your own content so that the narrative of your life–and the lives of the people on your side of the aisle–can be imagined and constructed by friends rather than by foes.

The best result of the Iowa Republican caucus would be if many of our fellow citizens resolved to work to keep any of the candidates in that caucus from ever reaching the White House.

Another strong result would be the understanding that we don’t have sit around and just watch this junk on TV. We can help shape our own futures with our own actions.

The Occupy Wall Street patriots who protested both Republicans and Democrats in Iowa get this concept.

The work of freedom is up to each of us.