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Clinging to Garbage Health Insurance Policies

The funny thing about this health-care reform is for the last 3-4 years, we’ve lurched from one pseudo-disaster to another. Just think about it. We’ve gone through the socialized medicine craze – “this is nothing but socialized medicine, do you want to be Canada or France?” We have gone through the “President Obama is thwarting the will of the people” phase. Last week, we decided to enter the “Obama lied to the American people” phase. President Obama did say on multiple occasions, that “if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.” That was simply not true. It was never true. What the president should have said was that if you have decent health insurance and you like it, then you can keep it. If you have crap, I’m sorry, but that’s not going to be acceptable anymore. Unfortunately, qualified statements simply don’t play as well with the American people as these definitive clichés.

Many Americans are finding out that they simply cannot keep their health insurance. I remember reading somewhere that this woman was very upset that she was going to lose her health insurance which cost her approximate $650 a year. Unfortunately, upon examination, she really didn’t get covered for anything. She was playing $650 to get nothing. (Like many Americans she said that she liked her policy, but she had never used it and didn’t know that it covered nothing.) This is the crux of the problem. Many insurance companies were selling health insurance at some nominal price that really didn’t cover almost anything. I saw the other side of this coin on multiple occasions. I have had patients in the hospital who sustained significant injuries only to find out that their insurance would not pay for rehabilitation, cognitive therapy, physical therapy, almost anything that they really needed. I’ve seen patients and their spouses on the phone desperate to talk to anyone who had answers, only to find out they’re going to get the runaround, again. (more…)

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Let’s combat some of the lies about ObamaCare

Health care reform

Once again, let me say that the best information on the Affordable Care Act comes from the government.

From Joan, who has been following the ends and outs of the healthcare debate since it started, at the DailyKos:

Obamacare will take the insurance I have away.

Let’s just get this straight: If you already have insurance, Obamacare is not taking it away. If you do lose it, it’s because your employer has dropped your coverage. It’s true that some employers might drop it, either to make a political point or because it would cost them less to pay the penalty for not providing coverage than to continue to carry it. But that’s not something Obamacare is forcing them to do. (more…)

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Okay, I’m just gonna have to go all Doctor on you now – health care reform

I posted this article about three years ago in the heat of the health care reform debate. I thought that I would post it again. On the Last Word, they talked about how we got here.

This is what I wrote a couple of years ago (psst… we need a single-payer system):

I’ve talked about health care reform over and over again (I don’t see how Joan does it every day without going insane). I’ve talked about healthcare from an emotional standpoint and from an American legislative standpoint. I’ve talked about all the benefits of health care reform. Well, I’d like to take a different tactic. I would like to review the medical literature. I’ve picked several studies which I will describe over the next several days. The one thing that all of these studies have in common is that they point out that health insurance is a predictor of outcome. On Wednesday or Thursday, I’m going to review an article from the Journal of the American Medical Association which clearly states that having a unified health program has survival benefits. (We don’t have a coordinated, organized healthcare system in the United States.)

As a trauma surgeon, I don’t like to talk “shop” with people who are not in the medical profession. As soon as you start mentioning cytokines and mitochondria DNA, most people’s eyes glaze over. But, with watered-down legislation creeping through the Senate at a glacial pace, I thought it was important for me to go over some of this literature. The literature makes approximately the same point that Keith Olbermann made about a month go when he talked about having health insurance being life-and-death. (more…)

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