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Happy New Year 2018

This is been some kind of year. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, rich, poor or somewhere in between, this year has been something.

USA Today has a nice year in review.

Salon has a list of the worse TV shows of 2017.

I pray that your 2018 is fulled with love and happiness. Thanks for reading my blog!

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Happy New Year!!! 

So, there are many people who want to fuss about 2016. Look, years come and they go. We can whine about celebrities and world news but I would argue that the problem is us. We are too plugged in. Our phones ring with Twitter and Facebook updates. Are any of these updates good news? When was the last time that you were pinged for good news? Hey, just wanted to let you know that I had a good day..? Did that happen in 2016? I’m just saying. Anyway, let’s have a great 2017.

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Wednesday Morning News Roundup (update)

An earlier version of this post said Tuesday. It was Wednesday. Need more sleep!!

Happy New Year to Everyone. Here’s today’s News Roundup

Congratulations to Stanford University. I guess it is time for us to consider Stafford a legitimate football powerhouse. Really? Stanford? 🙂

There was lots of consternation and handwringing in the House last night. The Senate overwhelmingly passed a lukewarm bill and for some reason this bill drew instant scorn from Eric Cantor and other conservative Republicans. In the end, 85 Republicans joined almost all of the Democrats to lock in the Bush-era tax cuts for the middle class. I think that this, as a whole, is a good thing. I do not, however, think that this is cause for the happy dance. I think we have many challenges ahead and the House GOP has basically told us that they want, that they lust after, spending cuts. This is not going to get any easier.

The House decided that the East Coast did not need any relief from Hurricane Sandy. They adjourned without taking any action. I just don’t understand how that is acceptable.

Finally, I saw this from the South Carolina – Michigan game. It was tweeted out by Rich Eisen. This is an incredible hit. When you’re talking about an explosive hit, this is what you’re talking about. Wow!

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