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My Samsung saga is over

My 11-week battle to get my 10-month-old plasma TV fixed is now over. Electronics giant Samsung has replaced my old TV with a new one. Let me just say that the man who delivered my new TV was incredibly nice. He unpacked the TV, he put it together and we hooked it up. He also boxed up my old TV and took it away. The whole ordeal, at least this part of it, took approximately 15-20 minutes. (Here’s the rest of the story.)

I’m happy that I did get a new TV, but the whole process took way too long. The process for buying a new TV is clear and straightforward. The process for getting somebody out to fix your “old” TV is somewhat convoluted. If Samsung really would like to be a truly great multinational corporation, it needs to fix this.

Bo Diddley

The Rolling Stone had a very nice tribute to this great Rock n’ Roll giant. I don’t think that he got the credit or the money that he deserved. The Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton recognized Bo’s contribution to modern Rock n’ Roll.


From RS:

Bo Diddley, one of the founding fathers of rock and roll, died today in his home in Archer, Florida, where he had lived for 20 years. The cause was heart failure, according to a spokesperson. Diddley performed live until May 2007, when he suffered a stroke; three months later, in August, he also suffered a heart attack. The spokesperson said that he was surrounded by family and friends when he died. Public and private services are scheduled for this weekend.

In the summer of 2005, Rolling Stone writer Neil Strauss caught up with Diddley for the magazine’s last major feature on him, the award-winning “Indestructible Beat of Bo Diddley.”

The Indestructible Beat of Bo Diddley by Neil Strauss (RS 981, August 25, 2005)

The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time: Bo Diddley by Iggy Pop (RS 946, April 15, 2004)

Bo Diddley: The Rolling Stone Interview by Kurt Loder (RS 493, February 12, 1987)

Photo Gallery: Shots From Bo Diddley’s Five Decade Career

How Lamont bested the Giant (Lieberman)

from FDLIt was more than money, good looks and charm.  Lamont did it the old fashion way, he earned it.  He went house to house.  He put in the time and effort to grow a grassroots campaign.  Lunches, teas, cookouts – he was there for all of them.  Yes, the netroots were helpful but Lamont didn’t use the net as he only source of support.  He tapped into the anti-status quo feeling in America. 

He also got help from Lieberman.  Lieberman did everything he could to lose.  He was not humble.  He NEVER said that the war was a mistake until the very end.  He announced that he would run as an independent.  On one hand he is saying that he is a good democrat in spite of his support for Bush on the other hand he will run as an independent if he loses?  Lieberman was the perfect opponent for someone to come out of the Blue (pun intended) and defeat.