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Friday Morning News Roundup

American born terrorist was killed in Yemen. Details of how he died and who killed him are unclear at this time. Anwar al-Awlaki was the Qaeda leader who inspired Major Nidal Malik Hasan to shoot up an Army base in Foot Hood, Tx.

Regulatory uncertainty leads to hiring stalemate. Not so much.

Freddie Mac’s interest rates are lower than ever.

Manufacturing appears to have increased slightly in September.

Our GDP is slightly better than we thought it was.

I talked about this case earlier, but I think there’s a real question as to whether Rick Perry, who stated that he sleeps well, allowed an innocent man to be executed.

I continue to support Occupy Wall Street.

Susan Sarandon – Occupy Wall Street


It’s important to remember that it is still extremely early in the political season. Eight years ago Wesley Clark was leading the Democratic field with 22% of the support, followed by Howard Dean at 13%, John Kerry with 11%, and Dick Gephardt and Joe Lieverman with 11% and 10 %, respectively.

The Senate has filibustered a huge number of Obama’s appointments to the federal bench. It appears that Harry Reid has figured out how to get some of these nominees through the Senate.

In the category of the world gone crazy, “actress” and model Holly Madison has insured her breasts for $1 million.

Holly Madison

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Wednesday Evening News Round Up

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  • As I mentioned yesterday, government spending makes up approximately 25% of our GDP. Cutting government spending equals losing jobs. Our unemployment rate is unacceptably high and, instead of creating jobs, Congress has just taking a big step toward losing more jobs. The GOP is killing America.
  • Michele Bachmann, in an absolutely brilliant paragraph, starts out by stating that she could not afford to buy a house on her own and needed government assistance. No big deal. Almost everybody has had some sort of government assistance with buying homes over the last 15 or 20 years. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have facilitated tens of millions of loans for average Americans. Then, Michele Bachmann pivoted and talked about how these agencies need to be eliminated. Therefore, as I see it, it appears to be okay for her to use government assistance to buy a house, but it’s not okay for you and me to do the same thing. I wonder if you could give her house back?
  • Remember when Republicans like Michele Bachmann were talking about how blacks were better off in slavery because they had both a mother and a father? Remember that? Well, here’s a thoughtful response.
  • Can somebody please explain to me why there is a fight over funding the FAA? For some reason, dating back to the Reagan years, the FAA has been a political football. It sure seems to me that if Republicans are serious about closing the deficit (and I don’t think that they are) they wouldn’t let an agency sit idle and let millions of dollars in revenue float off into the ether.
  • Why is Senator David Vitter still in the Senate? Wasn’t he in the DC Madam’s phone book? How did he win reelection? I’m still baffled by it. He is blocking a nomination to the Assistant Secretary of the Interior because it has become acceptable for senators to block nominations until their pet projects are funded. This is the kind of garbage that hurts America.
  • Speaking of hurting America, there is the NRA. The Obama administration is trying to work to control illegal guns getting into Mexican cartels. This would seem to be a good thing… unless you are the NRA. Then, you’re seriously mad about this affront to civil liberties. It would seem to me that we should do everything in our power to choke off the flow of guns to the Mexican cartels. If the NRA is upset, let them buy the guns and store them in a warehouse somewhere. The bottom line is we have to do whatever we can to stop that violence if it’s being fueled with American guns.
  • Please list this under the category of very stupid: Rep. Ron Paul has written a bill that will simply cancel $1.6 trillion in Federal Reserve debt.  Yep. that should calm the markets. Let’s simply write off our debt. I’m sure that foreign governments and Wall Street will love that.
  • This has been a terribly depressing week from a political standpoint. Because of this, I need to put on something that makes me smile –

Artist: Stevie Wonder
Tune: Do I Do

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What going on – News Roundup

Tuesday Morning News Roundup

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post much over the last couple of days. Part of the problem has been a persistent bug in my blog. The other part of the problem has to do with being too busy… and mourning the Dallas Cowboys’ last disaster.

  • If I see another commercial for Tom Cruise’s new movie, Valkyrie, I may feel compelled to storm City Hall, asking them to pass a law banning the movie from being shown anywhere within the city limits. I understand the concept of saturating the market but this is ridiculous.
  • The New York Times has another excellent article on our financial crisis. It’s another in a series called The Reckoning. This article outlines how the White House and George W. Bush wanted to increase home ownership at almost any cost. It discusses how White House ignored warnings. One of the most interesting contrasts in this whole story is how Mr. Deregulation, George W. Bush, wanted tougher regulations on Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae but was unwilling to compromise with Congress. This article is worth reading in its entirety.
  • For those of you conspiracy buffs, you’ve probably already read about the death of Michael Connell. I’d never heard of him. Mr. Connell was a top Republican information technology consultant, the IT guy for Karl Rove. Cornell’s company, New Media Communications, did the website for George Bush’s 2004 campaign and also for John McCain’s campaign. He had been subpoenaed to testify in Ohio to talk about some of the shenanigans that went on within the campaigns, but his single engine private plane crashed about three miles shy of the Akron runway. Was he killed because he was going to talk? I’m sure that we will hear a lot more on this story.
  • Do you remember the five Muslims that were going to attack the Army base, Fort Dix? After a 14-month investigation and a trial, all five were found guilty of conspiracy to kill US soldiers. Well, this is a step in the right direction.  Now, can we go after bin Laden?
  • Toyota has announced that it expects to post its first quarterly loss in its 70-year history. Well, I guess it is now official. The economy is really in the tank.
  • Israeli archaeologists have found over 200 gold coins in an early seventh-century collapsed building. Excavation of the site is ongoing.
  • A Continental 737 jet slid off the runway at Denver International Airport on Sunday. The circumstances of the crash are unclear but the NTSB has released a statement saying that neither the wheels nor brakes caused the crash. Although it appears there were injuries, as of now, no one was killed.
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