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Minnesota Senate Race: By the Numbers

This is interesting

franken_alMINNESOTA SENATE RACE — By the numbers
$51.1 million raised between Coleman and Franken for the entire campaign
$50.3 million spent between the two candidates
$11 million, at least, spent on the recount
2,424,946 votes cast
$94,783 Coleman ordered to pay Franken to cover court costs
1974 was the year of the longest Senate recount in history in New Hampshire between Republican Louis Wyman against Democrat John Durkin. The Republican, Wyman, struggling in an election year following the Nixon Watergate scandal, led by 355 votes after the votes were first tallied. Durkin, however, took the unusual step of challenging the election and eventually won by 27,000 votes 316 days later on Sept. 16, 1975, when the state ultimately decided to hold a special election.
$500 an hour for lawyers
312 votes separating the candidates – Franken leads
231 days since Election Day 2008
225 votes that Franken led by after rejected absentees were included — he added to his total after Coleman rejected absentees were added
215 votes Coleman led by on Election Day 2008
63% of a year since Election Day 2008
33 weeks since Election Day 2008
7 months, 19 days since Election Day 2008
4 seasons seen since Election Day 2008 election
3 Coleman court challenges (at least: state Supreme Court, three-judge panel, attempt to throw out rejected absentees)
1 election

Al Franken runs for Senate

Al FrankinLook, Al Franken isn’t perfect.  On the other hand, he was the first one that would and could stand up to the Republican onslaught.  He was the first that spoke with a clear voice that I heard.  His books were/are funny and honest.  His books were well researched.  He documented his sources with the care of a scholar.  He was the perfect person to hold down the top spot at Air America.  His show wasn’t perfect but he did gain a large and loyal following.  He used humor and biting sarcasm to make his points.  Could he have been more entertaining?  Could he have been less preachy? 

The bottom-line is Al Franken has been a leading voice in liberalism.  He understands the needs of America.  He has thought about national problems.  He will not be perfect.  He will be a voice that will not back down when faced with Republican blather.  If I lived in Minnesota, I would vote for Al.

Good Luck, Al.  Run, Al, run!!!

Franken on Hardball and the NIE

Tony Blankley, editor of the Washington Times, argues that be NIE makes sense.  He argues that the Jahadists will follow the sound of the gun.  This seems to contradict what we know about the insurgency.  Although, Al Franken did not make this point, the insurgency has been hitting soft targets.  They have been avoiding direct confrontation with American forces.  This is the way all insurgency’s work.  They look for a spot of weakness.  An electrical plant or a telephone communications station or civilians at their place of worship or civilians in a crowded bus — these other targets that insurgencies choose.  Insurgencies do not follow the sound of the gun, they run away from it.  Al Franken’s points are excellent.  Take a listen.