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Building collapses in Harlem

I have no idea how this happens in the US.

From NYT:

Firefighters worked through a bitterly cold night and into the day on Thursday, searching for survivors in the wreckage of two buildings in East Harlem that were leveled in a powerful explosion, but the rescuers found only more victims.

Eight people are confirmed to have died in the blast and its aftermath, even as families of those still missing held out hope that their loved ones would be found alive.

“We are continuing rescue operations hoping to find others still alive,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a midday news conference.

Mr. de Blasio said rescue workers were working in exceedingly difficult circumstances, fighting not only pockets of fire but also freezing temperatures and strong wind. “Everyone involved in the rescue effort has given their all,” he said.

News Roundup: Egypt, Edward Snowden, Arizona firefighters

Protests in Egypt

I’m not sure what’s going on in Egypt, but there are big protests and rallies once again. It appears that the Egyptian population has grown tired of the Muslim brotherhood and President Mohammed Morsi. The military appears to be stepping in and demanding that the government meet the needs of the people. This is going to be interesting. I wonder how conservatives will spin this as somehow being Obama’s fault.

It appears that Edward Snowden is still in Russia. It also appears that he has applied for asylum in Russia. You cannot tell me that this guy is not somewhere between a rock and a hard place. I’m guessing that Edward Snowden had the original plan. It appears that plan has fallen apart. It appeared that at first he was worried about the NSA spying on Americans. Okay. That is probably a legitimate concern. Then, he decided to talk with China about the NSA spying on China, the European Union, and other countries. This I don’t understand. The fact that we spy on other countries isn’t a revelation. As a matter fact, the fact that other countries spy on us isn’t a revelation either. This is what national intelligence agencies do. At best Edward Snowden is misguided. At worst, he appears to be someone who thinks he is smarter than he really is. He is really in deep kimchi.

Yesterday, 19 firefighters were killed in Arizona. These firefighters were fighting a forest fire which suddenly changed course. This represents the largest loss of life in a single day in over 50 years. My prayers go out to the family and friends.

No Sign of Inflation

There is no hint of inflation. Remember, several years ago when conservatives were all up in arms over the multiple stimulation packages that injected money into the economy in order to try to save the economy? Conservatives yelled that we were going to have runaway inflation. Not only have we not seen anything that resembles runaway inflation, inflation has been stagnant. On one hand, this can be looked at as a good thing. Consumer prices are really not rising significantly. On the other hand, this is a very bad thing. Wages are also stagnant. With stagnant wages that means our buying power is also stagnant.

In Texas, there is a huge rally in support women’s rights. As you recall, Gov. Rick Perry has called another special session in order to try to curb a women’s right to choose.

This continues to be the most unpredictable Wimbledon in recent memory. Serena Williams, five-time Wimbledon champion, has been bounced out in the fourth round.

Sunday Morning News Roundup

houston fire

Four firefighters died – huge fire in Houston consumed a motel and a restaurant, causing the deaths of four firefighters. This is the deadliest fire (with regards to loss of firefighter life) in Houston’s 116-year history of the Houston fire Department. Very sad.

Car salesman has a deep conviction – Paul Scott is an average car salesman. He doesn’t make any more or any less money than any other average car salesman. Mr. Scott is going to pony up over $32,000 in order to have a brief conversation with the president at a fund-raising event. He wants to convince the president that electric cars are the way to go. He wants to personally pitch the president. Electric Cars. On one hand, I think this is very noble and thoughtful. On the other hand, Mr. Scott shows that he doesn’t really understand our political process. Even if he convinces President Obama that electric cars of the greatest thing since sliced bread, what then? Suppose the president and his advisors immediately sit down in the White House and create “the perfect” electric car legislation which requires parking lots with over 50 parking spaces to have electric car recharging centers. The legislation will also give tax rebates or tax credits to any parking lot owner who adds a recharging center. This supercharged legislation would give any American who buys an electric car from an American car company a $5000 tax deduction. Now, and here’s the important thing, the legislation goes to Congress, where it dies. There’s no way any kind of progressive legislation like this will get through the conservative House. I applaud Mister Paul Scott for putting his money where his mouth is. He is dipping into his savings in order to try to enact legislation and try to make the country a better place. Unfortunately, with a recalcitrant Republican Party, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to get this type of legislation through the Senate. I have a better chance of winning the lottery than this legislation has a chance of getting through the House. Continue reading Sunday Morning News Roundup