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More on the 20th debate

I know that many Americans have moved on from the debates, but I’m stuck. Why? What the hell was all of that? 20? Why did we need 20 debates? Why couldn’t we ever get a format that really helped inform the American people about the issues that are facing our country? Why do we continually get these sound bite answers that can fit on a bumper sticker? How is that adequate? The debate process has been so inadequate, I would argue that it has actually detracted from our democracy. I would argue that we learned absolutely nothing except there’s actually a penalty for trying to answer a straight question with a straight answer. Nobody wants to hear a nuanced answer. We are living in the age of American Idol, Survivor and the Amazing Race. Thoughtful hard work gets you voted off the island. Instead, it was the sound bites that got all the applause. Newt Gingrich kept yammering on and on about how dangerous the world was – why couldn’t we have a serious discussion about the dangers that face the United States and how to combat those dangers? I simply don’t understand why we can’t have an intelligent discussion on television. The epitome of this mindless, childish and time wasting event was the one-word answer to describe yourself. Really? One word? What is this – the Dating Game? How does this 7th grade exercise help our democracy? How does this help you and I decide whether any these guys are qualified or have the right ideas to move the country forward?

The Daily Show has more:

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Test results may be confusing

Please watch the video:

CNN has painted this exercise as one about race, but maybe it’s not. If what the mother has said is true (not really been exposed to other races) then the child knows that she is good and she is white. The only figure that looks like her must also be good. The figures that don’t look like her but be bad. Now, if the mother had a Black friend that came over with her daughter then this exercise could be about race. As far as I can tell this is about being different.

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Update: Phelps Wins Number Eight

Like most Americans, I watch swimming once every four years. I used to swim for exercise so I know how hard the sport is. Michael Phelps has won eight gold medals. This brings up the question that everyone has been asking, or will ask: Is Phelps the greatest athlete of our time?

Michael Phelps

Update: One of my good friends reminded me of Carl Lewis and Edwin Moses who ran the hurdles undefeated for over 10 years. Then Keith Olbermann, a sports historian, reminded everyone of Jim Thorpe (see the video below). Okay, so Michael Phelps isn’t the best ever. He is still extremely good and he will be very rich, very soon.

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