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John Kerry to State

I know that many progressives are disappointed in President Obama for nominating Senator John Kerry for Secretary of State. Kerry is fine. There is nothing wrong with John Kerry. He is a solid progressive. There were better choices, but probably no one who has done more for Obama. It was Kerry who picked Obama for the 2004 convention floor speech.

One of the great theories that has been floating around Washington is that the GOP decided to attack Susan Rice when she was thought to be the leading candidate for Secretary of State. They attacked Ambassador Rice so that Obama would then nominate John Kerry. They reason that they wanted Kerry was so that Scott Brown could run in the special election for Kerry’s seat. Scott Brown, as you’ll recall, ran for Ted Kennedy’s old seat and won, but he had a little problem winning re-election because of Elizabeth Warren. Look, all of this maybe true. I just don’t think that Scott Brown is the man that he was 24 months ago. I don’t think that progressives will look at him as a decent alternative to a real progressive. I’m thinking Caroline Kennedy is looking better and better.

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Wednesday Morning News Roundup

Wednesday Morning News Roundup

Deadly typhoon in the Philippines. Remember, all of these weather-related events just sort of happened. These cannot possibly be related to atmospheric changes secondary to man’s burning tons and tons of fossil fuels.

I’m intrigued by Ashley Judd. No, not for that reason. There have been rumors that actress Ashley Judd could run for Senate in Kentucky. She would be running against perpetual curmudgeon and GOP champion Mitch McConnell. Imagine knocking off Mitch McConnell. In Kentucky. That would be a huge progressive victory.

In study after study, Republicans have proven to be misinformed. The latest study shows that 49% of Republicans believe that ACORN was responsible for Barack Obama’s election last month. This group, which no longer exists, somehow magically stole the election for the president. The power of Fox News to mesmerize and lie to its listeners continues to be overwhelming. (more…)

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Monday Afternoon News Roundup

Monday Afternoon News Roundup

It seems to me that there’s more going on with Hamas in the Gaza Strip the meets the eye. I don’t understand the strategy of lobbing missiles into Israel. What were they hoping to accomplish? Were they thinking that they had improved relationships within the Arab world? Will their Arab neighbors like Egypt come to the rescue? That simply doesn’t make any sense to me. None of this makes any sense, unless Hamas was trying to lower Israel into a ground war. Maybe Hamas has obtained chemical or biological weapons from Iran. Maybe Hamas wants to sucker the Israelis into making some major error which would cause an enormous number of Israeli casualties. I don’t know. It simply doesn’t make any sense.

There are several things that need to be reformed in our government. In no particular order – we don’t need a debt ceiling. It has become a political hot potato in which Republicans can rail on about how much money the government is spending. Election reform is mandatory. We need some sort of national standards for elections. It doesn’t make sense that it took me seven minutes to vote (including time chatting with the folks working at the polling station) and other Americans spent more than seven hours in line waiting to exercise this basic civic duty. The filibuster in the Senate also needs to be rethought and revised. As of now, simply threatening to filibuster causes legislation to be derailed; therefore, almost everything requires sixty votes in order to pass.

British Petroleum is not a criminal. British Petroleum is a company. BP is nothing but a pile of papers and agreements. Criminal behavior can only be done by people; people like the executives of British Petroleum.

Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren should be placed on the banking committee! No one in the Senate is more qualified. In my mind, she should be Senate majority leader, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Look for the financial industry to fight hard to try to keep Elizabeth Warren off of the banking committee.

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