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Standing up for their actions – GOP need to own up to their ending Medicare vote

If you vote for a plan that really ends Medicare, you should be able to stand up and defend your vote. Republicans have never liked Medicare.

From DK:

This is unbelievably rich.

House Republican freshmen admit that their so-called “MediScare” attacks on Democrats helped them win a big majority in 2010. Democrats had voted for the health care law, which included $500 billion in “cuts” to Medicare—primarily slashing overpayments to private insurers—and Republican challengers never let them forget it.Now, they say, it’s time to let bygones be bygones….

On Tuesday, Kinzinger and 41 of his colleagues sent a letter to President Obama, asking him to rein in Democratic attacks on GOP members who voted for the House budget, which includes a plan to privatize Medicare and cap spending on the program.

“We ask that you stand above partisanship, condemn the disingenuous attacks and work with this Congress to reform spending on entitlement programs,” the letter reads.

Can you say “death panels”?

Even better than this, however, is Leader Pelosi’s response, in the form of a memo to GOP freshmen.

We know it’s hard for you to accept the anger over your vote to end Medicare as we know it, but holding a press conference to ask the American people to ignore your irresponsible vote is, frankly, a bit puzzling. You defended your vote just two weeks ago, but you didn’t like what you got back from your constituents. It’s time to take responsibility for your actions….In case you missed it, here’s the helpful memo we sent your way yesterday.

To: GOP Freshman
Fr: Democratic Leader’s Press Office
Da: May 10, 2011
Re: The Truth Hurts — You Did Vote to End Medicare as We Know It

Just half a day after Speaker Boehner said he wants to engage in “honest conversations about how best to preserve Medicare” (ie: the GOP’s plan to end Medicare as we know it), you are trying to silence criticism of your vote supporting the plan….

Sometimes the truth hurts.

House Republicans voted for a GOP budget that:

Ends Medicare as we know it.Forces seniors to pay over $6,000 more a year.

Requires a 54-year-old today to save an additional $182,000 in his or her retirement account, or $250 a week, just to pay the costs of the plan.

Democrats have a plan to ensure older Americans have access to affordable, high quality care – it’s called Medicare and it currently serves more than 46 million Americans.

It’s not a “messaging” problem, it’s not a “mean Democrats” problem. The House Republicans voted nearly unanimously to end Medicare. That vote is not just going to go away.

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Just a couple of things – Sunday

  • Two years ago, Democrats were toying with the idea of expanding the coverage of medical healthcare to those who didn’t have it. They were looking to end the ability of insurance companies to simply drop people because they were too expensive. Congressmen had town halls and faced extremely angry and belligerent constituents. Now that Republicans have voted to end Medicare where is that same type of public anger and outrage? We must remember that Republicans have been trying to end Medicare for over 40 years.
  • In spite of Senator John Ensign resigning, the Senate ethics committee continues its investigation.
  • Republicans were somewhat confused in their weekly address. For some reason, they haven’t gotten the memo that the economy is finally creating jobs.
  • Here’s an inside look at the new Nintendo Wii2. Better graphics. Faster chips. Cool!
  • Brad Watson is reporter for WFAA in Dallas. Now, we must remember that Dallas is a conservative city in the middle of a conservative state. This is the raw 7 min. video of Brad Watson’s interview with president Barack Obama. It is my opinion that Brad Watson wanted to “trip up” the president. He wanted to use this interview to propel him to greater heights and because of this he took this “aggressive” interview style with the president. I found his questions to be irritating rather than insightful. What you think?
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Blue Dog Dems Need Healthcare More than average

I’m not sure that I get the Blue Dogs. I know that if I were in Congress I would not want to be labeled as a “Blue Dog” because to me it means thoughtless adherence to budgetary concerns above all others.


The median Congressional District has an uninsured population of 14.6 percent, according to Gallup’s data (the average is slightly higher at 15.5 percent). Of the 48 McCainocrat districts, 31 (roughly two-thirds) have an above-median number of uninsured. A complete list follows below (actual Blue Dogs are denoted in … you guessed it … blue):

The bottom line is that the health care bill, among other things, is designed to help out the poor and the uninsured, and somehow or another will tax the rich in order to do so. I can understand if, say, Jason Altmire from PA-4 wants to vote against the health care bill. His district is suburban and pretty well off, and almost everyone there has health insurance. But Mike Ross of the Arkansas 4th, where almost 22 percent of the population is uninsured? This is a bill designed to help districts like his. And the same goes for most of the other Blue Dogs. A lot of the time, these guys are stuck in a tough spot between their party and their constituents. Here, those interests are mostly aligned. If a lot of the people on the top half of this list are voting against health care, first check the lobbying numbers, and then check to see if they’re still in office four years hence.

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