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What's going on – News Roundup

Tuesday morning news Roundup

(My blog is acting a little funny. I’ll see if I can get the computer gurus to look at it.)

  • President Bush pardoned 14 people yesterday. He has been extremely stingy with the pardons. What makes these 14 people so special?
  • Financial guru Allan Sloan is handing out this year’s turkeys. The Federal Reserve gets a turkey for allowing Lehman Brothers to go into bankruptcy.  Yahoo gets a turkey for telling Microsoft “thanks but no thanks.” Sloan also includes Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson’s turnaround. This is a really good article.
  • Check it out.

  • What about the men who crafted the CitiGroup bailout dealHenry Paulson, Robert Rubin and Timothy Geithner? I have to wonder why do all these bailouts happen on a Saturday or Sunday?
  • A “new” study suggests some cancers can just simply disappear…not really news, per se.
  • Allen Colmes is leaving Hannity and Colmes. Thank god. No liberal should be trapped anywhere near Sean Hannity.
  • Nevada’s Lt. Governor Brian Krolicki believes that he is going to be indicted but claims that it is only for political reasons. We’ll see.
  • Fareed Zararia believes that those of us Americans under the age of 60 wanted to a part of history. Maybe there is some legitimate point there, but I certainly don’t remember sitting up at night thinking that I wanted to be a part of some historic event. Even if I were to ponder something so crazy, this financial crisis is for the birds. Yes, this is a once in a generation event, but not one anyone sane would have conjured up intentionally. I would be very happy to skip this and relive the landing on the moon. 😉