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Best Superbowl Plays (Updated)

No one really talks about SuperBowl 34 (XXXIV). It is as if it wasn’t played or was a boring game. It was played and it was anything but boring. Tennessee Titans verses the St. Louis Rams. I think it was one of the greatest SuperBowls ever played. Steve McNair versus Kurt Warner. Neither quarterback threw an interception. Warner passed for over 400 yards and two touchdowns. McNair threw for 214 yards and ran 8 times for 64 yards. Both QB’s had great games. The Titans were trailing 23 – 16 (Update: score was corrected.) The clock was ticking. McNair marched the Titans down to the 16 yard line. No timeouts for the Titans. Last play of the game. McNair avoided the rush and fired a strike to Kevin Dyson, who looked open, wide open, at the three-yard line. The Titans seemed to be about to tie the game. Then, from out of nowhere, Mike Jones tackled Dyson, who desperately tried to extend the ball into the endzone as he fell, but he was short. The tackle was perfect. He wrapped him up around the legs/ankles. Mike Jones makes the stop that crushes the Titans.

So, what do you think is the best play in Superbowl history?


Since a couple of people mentioned David Tyree’s catch and Eli Mannings’ escape, I thought that I would include it here.

Another great play was James Harrison’s run back.

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Cowboys versus Giants

The Dallas Cowboys played the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week. If you had an opportunity to see the game, you saw a Dallas Cowboy team get gashed by the run. The Dallas Cowboys gave up 174 yards on the ground to the Bucs. Basically, the only reason the Dallas Cowboys won this game was that we outscored them. Once they got behind, late in the third quarter, they had to start throwing the ball. If Tampa’s pass defense had been a little more stout, the Dallas Cowboys would’ve been in real trouble.

Now the Dallas Cowboys play the division champs, the New York Giants. The Giants can run the ball. They will try and control the clock and keep Tony Romo off the field. If we think back, the Cowboys’ defense had some significant problems stopping the run towards the end of last year. As far as I can tell, these problems have not been addressed. I disagree with most football analysts and I believe that this is the key to the game — the Cowboys front seven versus the Giants running game. If the Cowboys can stop the run and forced Eli Manning to throw the ball, the Cowboys should win the game.

More in a sec.

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Bush sprinting toward something

Bush has been trying to put his neo-con stamp on everything just before he walks out the door. I guess this is just like Barney marking his territory in the White House.

More from Think Progress:

In its “sprint to the finish,” the Bush administration is working tirelessly to enact or alter a wide array of federal regulations that would weaken government rules protecting consumers, workers, and the environment.

As Rep. Nick Rahall (D-WV), chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, told the Wall Street Journal, “This administration will stop at nothing to jam through as many reckless proposals as they can before the clock runs out.”

The Wonk Room and ThinkProgress are keeping a close eye on Bush’s Backward Sprint to the Finish, and have compiled a document to keep tabs on both the proposed and changes already enacted:

Cutting back Medicaid: New rules “narrowed the scope of services that can be provided to poor people under Medicaid’s outpatient hospital benefit.”

Allowing mining near the Grand Canyon: A proposed rule by the Bureau of Land Management would prevent Congress from ordering emergency withdrawal of federal land from mining claims. The House Natural Resources Committee “issued such a withdrawal order in June for about 1 million acres near the Grand Canyon.”

Allowing more emissions from power plants:: The Environmental Protection Agency is “finalizing new air-quality rules that would make it easier to build coal-fired power plants, oil refineries and other major polluters near national parks and wilderness areas” by weakening the Clean Air Act.

Click here to download a pdf of the report.

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