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Some blogging issues

I’m changing my comment system, again. Echo just hasn’t worked out. I’m moving to Disqus. There may be some bumps in the road, but hopefully everything will be stable by early this afternoon. Thanks for your patience.

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Blogging and Computer Problems

I have a couple of computers in my home office. One is primarily for blogging and the other is for everything else. Well, the ‘everything else’ computer had a power supply/motherboard problem. Once I fixed those, it seemed had a hard drive issue also. Reloading everything that I had on that computer is taking some time. Some programs just are not working well for me. So, I’m reloading Windows.

I’m saying all of this as an excuse for not blogging as much as usual.

I will add one bit of news. The New York Times is reporting a new poll which shows that blacks, whites and Latinos perceive American race relations differently. No duh!!!

Oh, I have to add this interrogation video. It speaks for itself. I’ll look for other versions without a commentator yacking over it.

Here’s that interrogation video. This kid was reportedly 15 or 16 years old at the time of his video. He is a Canadian citizen.

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Super Bowl Blogging

Giants  win!!!  Giants beat up and beat down the Patriots 17 – 14.  What high powered offense?  What everyone forgot was that defense wins championships!  Say it again, defense wins championships!

10:00 – Pats have the ball at the 25. 1st down – incomplete. 2nd – sack by Alford. Who? 3rd down – incomplete to Moss. This was almost a catch. 10 seconds left. 4th down – incomplete. 1 second on the clock. Wow. Now, that’s what I’m talking about.

9:50 – Can Eli Manning bring the Giants back? Samuels lets a INT go thru his hands. Eli Manning somehow gets away from a sack. Daivd Tryee makes the catch of the year. The ball is on the Patriots 25. Eli after throwing up a wounded duck should thank the Football Gods for not getting intercepted. Manning hits Smith. Eli hits Burress for a TD. Burress beats his man badly. Giants lead by 3. 17 – 14!

9:30 – Pats have the ball and they are beginning to move the ball. Welker is killing the Giants. New England has ball inside the Giants 30. Brady misses a wide open Randy Moss for a touchdown. Pats have the ball inside the 8. Welker gets crushed. Incomplete. Moss on an inside slant. Touchdown. Pats up 14 -10.

9:27 – Giants do nothing with the ball and have to punt. Note this possession. Could be a problem.

9:15 – Pats start deep in their own territory. Great catch by Moss. Welker can’t find the handle. Pats have to punt.

9:08 – Kevin Boss makes a huge play. Steve Smith on 3rd and 4. Great catch. Great pass from Eli. First down. Eli has had some time. Eli throws a laser to David Tyre. Giants take the lead!!! 10 – 7!

9:01 – Pats moving the ball but stalled. Brady is losing it. He was yelling at Welker the only receiver that is getting open.

8:54 – Giants don’t do much. Pats with the ball deep in their own territory.

8:38 – What are you talking about? 12 men on the field? So the Pats get another 3 downs and nothing. Instead of going for a 49 yard field goal. They go for it and it is even close.

8:27 – Welker. Moroney. Faulk. Patriots moving the ball but Brady and Welker are getting hit. Outstanding tackle by Antonio Pierce. (more…)

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