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The Monkees

Why not? I guess that imitation is the best form of flattery. The Beatles were taking America by storm in the mid-1960s. I’m not sure who was behind the Monkees. They were clearly designed to be a group that looked like the Beatles. Yet, as luck would have it, they actually had some musical talent. None of their songs, as I recall, were deep or thoughtful. They were mostly fun. Fun and catchy. On a Saturday night, there’s nothing wrong with fun and catchy.

Artist: The Monkees
Tune: Last Train to Clarksville

Conservatives are upset, again

Conservatives are going to stomp and hold their breath until Sir Paul McCartney apologizes.

From C&L:
…little moments like these remind us of the puckish rebel of his youth:

McCartney ended the evening taking a baseless cheap shot at former President George W. Bush.

“After the last eight years, it’s great to have a President who knows what a library is,” McCartney quipped.

Republicans seem to have forgotten that The Beatles always had a way of poking fun at conservatives — and they never were compelled to hold their tongues, either.

Which is why John Boehner immediately put up a big whine:

“Like millions of other Americans, I have always had a good impression of Paul McCartney and thought of him as a classy guy, but I was surprised and disappointed by the lack of grace and respect he displayed at the White House,” Boehner told HUMAN EVENTS. “I hope he’ll apologize to the American people for his conduct which demeaned him, the White House and President Obama.”

Ed. note: Why would John Boehner think that he needed to comment on something that Paul McCartney said? Who cares? Seriously, why comment? His comment just makes him sound more moronic.