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News Roundup – Scott Brown, ISIS / ISIL, Syria

Scott Brown was known for decisive action when he was in the Senate. He’s now running for Senate, again, in New Hampshire. This time he understands the Islamic threat. He is not confused. He is serious, very serious (if he says so).

Last night the US struck targets in Syria. We have a coalition. At least that is what we are being told. I have no idea if this is true or not. Obama said, “The strength of this coalition makes it clear to the world that this is not America’s fight alone… Above all, the people and governments of the Middle East are rejecting ISIL (ISIS), and standing up for the peace and security that the people of the region and the world deserve.”

F-22 Raptor flew some of the bombing missions. This makes the first time that the F-22 has been flown in combat. I’m surprised. The F-22 has been around for awhile. I thought that it flew missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. I was wrong.

I understand the threat of ISIS / ISIL. I didn’t really understand… Well, to be honest, I had never heard of Khorasan. This is reportedly a militant group that was associated with Al Qaeda somehow. They were some type of growing threat and we took them or some portion of them out with missile strikes. From WSJ – U.S. officials have viewed Khorasan with growing alarm in recent weeks and some have said it would be irresponsible to strike in Syria and not take aim at an al Qaeda affiliate long considered to be dangerous to the U.S. and its allies. Islamic State militants are seen as primarily focused on taking and holding territory in Iraq and Syria, with attacks on the U.S. representing a secondary goal. It severed its ties with al Qaeda’s leadership in Pakistan.

I don’t really understand the deal surrounding the White House fence jumper. So, we were first told that this was some harmless knucklehead. Then we find out that Omar Gonzalez was stopped earlier this summer with rifles, 4 handguns and ammunition. Now we are told the Secret Service had a major security breach. Gonzalez had over 800 rounds of ammo in his car. This guy jumped the fence and sprinted into the north entrance of the White House. From what I understand he did get inside before being tackled. What if he had a bomb strapped to him? Secret Service studied this 20 years ago. It looks like they did nothing to fix the problem. Omar Gonzalez is a Vet. I hope that he gets the help that he needs. Continue reading News Roundup – Scott Brown, ISIS / ISIL, Syria

O'Reilly: Liberals Celebrate Sanford Downfall

On 6/25/09, Bill O’Reilly had a Talking Points commentary which dealt with “celebrating the destruction of others.” Of course, O’Reilly is talking about the news coverage of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s debacle.  Celebration?  I don’t think so.  I haven’t seen any evidence of celebration.  Not in the mainstream media.  I haven’t seen it on any of the major liberal blogs either.  It isn’t that Mark Sanford hasn’t given many critics adequate ammunition.  That’s not the problem.  The problem is Governor Sanford’s complete inability to come up with a coherent story and stick with it.  His story has been evolving ever since we first thought he was missing two weeks ago.  We don’t need to celebrate.  When a political rival is stabbing himself multiple times, all you need to do is get out of the way.

Bill O’Reilly states, as fact, “the left has been especially vicious of late.”  He gives us no information or data to support this wild allegation.  This is a Bill O’Reilly trademark.

He then compares the wild left “celebration” to the restrained coverage of the John Edwards affair.  Of course, he doesn’t mention that John Edwards had already dropped out of the presidential race.  His presidential bid was in the toilet when the story broke.  John Edwards was holding no public office.  Finally, the fact that John Edwards had a extramarital affair with a woman did not fit with the frame that the conservatives were painting John Edwards as a closet homosexual. Remember Ann Coulter’s disgusting refrain?

Again, Bill O’Reilly then gives this sweeping statement — Fox news did not celebrate nor dwell on the Edwards affair.  Really?  Where is the data to support this?  How do you define “dwell” then?  A simple search of the Fox news website, using Google,  reveals 1940 references to “John Edwards and Affair.”  So what do you think… maybe a thousand of them are real and pertinent?

Bill O’Reilly, who regularly likes to attack even the New York Times or the Washington Post, on this particular occasion chooses the Post.  (The Washington Post has plenty of problems of its own. It was revealed that the Post was selling access to its Op-Ed columnists and reporters. That can’t be good for unbiased journalism.) Bill O’Reilly chose to single out Eugene Robinson, a Pulitzer prize-winning columnist.  Instead of playing Eugene’s video clip in which he and Keith Olbermann were talking about Eugene’s unique qualifications to talk about this particular situation (the facts that Mr. Robinson had lived in Argentina while he covered South America and that he grew up in South Carolina).  Eugene Robinson was clearly joking when he said that he was “grateful to the governor for doing this.”  This was a quote that was clearly taken out of context and Bill O’Reilly doesn’t seem care.  (See the video below and decide for yourself)

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Bill O’Reilly then singles out several other people to prove his case that the far left was celebrating.  By the way, where is the far left?  Does the far left consist of people who believe that the government should not decide who can and cannot marry whom (outside of medical restrictions)?  Does the far left consist of people who believe the government shouldn’t torture and should not have invaded Iraq?  If this is the far left then more than 50% of this country is far left. Anyway, O’Reilly eventually winds his way around to attacking Christine Pelosi, the daughter of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who is a filmmaker and outspoken critic of many of the conservative policies that we’ve seen over the last 8-20 years.  Somehow, Pelosi’s mention of the hypocrisy that many of these “family values” Republicans have shown to the American people is un-American in Bill O’Reilly’s book.  Somehow, criticism, without name calling (pinhead, moron, baby killer, etc.) has become un-American and vicious.

Bill O’Reilly concludes his incoherent rambling by comparing those who reported Mark Sanford’s adultery and subsequent lies to Muslims who believe in stoning criminals.  He says, “apparently some in the USA believe in stoning as well, only with words.”  Maybe I need to go back to college but that doesn’t seem to make any sense.  When you stone somebody you kill them.  Valid criticism is somehow equated to stoning or a death sentence?  I don’t understand.  Then again, after listening to several of Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Points Commentary I’m usually more confused at the end than I was at the beginning.