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The Masters

the masters

When you listen to golf geeks talk about the Masters, it’s like the Masters is the SuperBowl, the World Series and the Final Four all wrapped into one. I just picked up the game of golf a couple years ago. I’m not a golf geek by any stretch of the imagination, but I have spent some time watching the top pros truly hit the ball with the grace of a ballerina. I have a couple of thoughts going into the opening round of the 77th Masters:

There is a certain amount of randomness in golf. No matter how good you are, sometimes it is the little things that really help set you apart. A perfect shot can hit a small rock or ridge which can kick your ball into the woods or a couple feet closer to the hole. There is no way to see or plan for this. It just happens. Whoever has their mojo working has a real edge.

Tiger Woods has to have a clear advantage. He has won three times already this year. If he starts out hot he could be trouble. He has to control his driver and continue to putt lights out.

Rory McIlroy – It depends. He could be great or just average.

Phil Mickelson – Who knows? Phil is either on or off. If Phil is on his game he will be hard to beat.

Brandt Snedeker – Was playing some of the best golf at the beginning of the season, but… He got hit and hasn’t played that well since his return from injury.

Justin Rose, Lee Westwood, Dustin Johnson, Adam Scott and Bubba Watson – all have the game to win. Can they put together four strong rounds?

Sunday Afternoon News Roundup

Kaleb doing what Kaleb does 2

I’m really struggling to post on my blog. I just don’t have any time. My grandson is here. I’m working. 🙁

Tiger Woods is in the mix at Congressional. Adam Scott has made a huge move up the leader board.

If ObamaCare was patterned after RomneyCare and ObamaCare is called a tax then would that make RomneyCare a tax?

Paul Ryan doesn’t understand that healthcare should be a right. Yes, it is true. That right come from God, but if it ain’t written in law we won’t get that right here on Earth in the good ole USA.

Oops. Never dare geeks!! Some tech wizards showed how easy it is to hack one of our drones.

Charles Rangel looks like he might be in trouble with the vote count.

Many Americans are still out of power after the storms from Friday night. This is something that I don’t understand. I don’t understand why we don’t have a power grid that is up and running all of the time. When lines get knocked down why isn’t power re-routed? Why is our power grid so fragile that wind and snow knocks it out? After the huge power outage of 2003, why … what happened with all of the finger pointing and talk of fixing the grid? Please don’t tell me we are waiting for some market-based solution?!

The Transportation Bill finally passed the House. The Senate passed it months ago. This bill also kept the interest rates for student loans from doubling.

Oh, I forgot to mention that some guy, Rhein Gibson, shot a world record 55 at a golf course in Oklahoma a couple of weeks ago. Insane!!!

Just a couple of things

Charl Schwartzel wins the Masters. What? Who? Yep, old Charl played fantastically down the stretch. Several players were within striking distance. They were all bunched at 10 under par. Tiger is clearly getting his touch back. His putter failed him late, but he is striking the ball much better. Angel Cabrera was really close but his irons failed him late. Adam Scott played some great golf and had the lead very late into the round, but he just couldn’t hold it. Rory McIlroy had one of the biggest collapses that I have ever seen. I almost started crying. Seriously, a 21-year-old kid was leading the Masters after 63 holes and ends up with a triple bogey on 10,a bogey on 11, followed by a double bogey on 12. OMG. When he was playing his second shot on 10 from between some houses, I almost couldn’t look. This was the best golf tournament from an excitement standpoint that I have ever seen. Amazing and congrats to Charl Schwartzel.

  • George Will is spitting out a bucket full of craziness. Medicare is doomed? Not. Medicare (along with our healthcare system) needs to be fixed by thoughtful politicians, but isn’t doomed. It just needs some help.
  • Paul Ryan is spouting the markets will fix everything mantra. We have heard this all before. We have seen the free markets fix the housing market. Thanks, but no thanks on the markets fixing healthcare. BTW, when folks go to a doctor, almost no one wants the cheapest. Almost everyone wants the best. Free markets don’t work in healthcare.
  • The media is focused on our “soaring debt” and not on the fact that we need to spend money to get out of a recession. I just don’t get it. Just because the Republicans say something doesn’t mean that they have to print it, does it? I guess so.
  • Something is going on in Libya, I’m just not sure what.