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NFL: Wrap Up

Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens.

Did anyone notice that Joe Flacco seemed to play better than he ever had over the last five or six games of the season? His elevated play seems to correlate to Jim Caldwell’s being named offensive coordinator. Someone needs to give Jim Caldwell some props.

If you are the San Francisco 49ers fan, you have to be sick. The game was in your hands. You had the ball inside the 10-yard line with two minutes to play. The Ravens best run stopper, Haloti Ngata, was nursing a knee injury on the side line. Ray Lewis, future Hall of Famer, seemed a shadow of his former self. You have one of the best offensive lines in football. You have running back Frank Gore, who is known from getting those tough inside yards. He was having a great game (19 carries for 110 yards). Why didn’t the 49ers simply run the ball four times?  Okay, you didn’t want to run the ball? How about throwing the ball to Randy Moss? Moss has made a living at catching the fade in the end zone. How do you not throw the ball at least once to Randy Moss?

Joe Flacco is about to seriously get paid. My guess – $18 – $20 million per year for at least four to six years.

More later

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Sadness can’t describe my feelings.

From NYT:

Dr. Carver said that in the seven autopsies he himself had performed, the victims had from 3 to 11 wounds.

With the examinations complete and the families informed, the authorities released the names of those killed. Among the children, there were 12 girls killed and 8 boys. All of the children were in the first grade, officials said. Sixteen of the 20 were 6 years old; the rest were 7. One little girl had just turned 7 on Tuesday.

With the release of each name, the grim reality of Friday’s nightmare stung a little deeper.

The youngest child had just turned 6 years old in November, a little boy named Noah.

The oldest was 56, a school psychologist who was shot dead as she rushed to stop a 20-year-old gunman who had turned an elementary school into a killing grounds on Friday, killing 26 people before taking his own life.

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A couple of things…

A couple of quick items this morning:

  • I do not think you have to be an economist to figure out that things are bad out there. In spite of Republican calls to slow down, I think we need to speed upHousing starts for January were down over 50% compared to January 2008.
  • President Barack Obama unveiled a $75 billion package to help prevent foreclosure on millions of homeowners. I’ll have to look at the details but it appears that this will help homeowners refinance their mortgages in order to make their payments easier. You can find the executive summary here.
  • The Federal Reserve issued its annual report, forecasting the behavior of the economy for the next three years. The outlook is, of course, not good.
  • For reasons that continue to escape me, people still listen to Alan Greenspan. He told the Financial Times yesterday that we need to look at some way of nationalizing the banks. I completely agree that this has to be done, but what took Greenspan so long?
  • Finally, Time magazine has come out with its list of the 25 most influential (best) blogs of 2009 and somehow the Daily Kos is not on it. Some of my favorite blogs do make the cut, including the Huffington Post, Crooks and Liars and Talking Points Memo. I would argue that the Daily Kos has changed the game like no other blog and has done so for the past six years.  I’ll have more on this later.
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