Sigh. The Cowboys did more with nothing than any other team in the league. Think about how this season was supposed to start. Anthony Spencer is injured. Sean Lee is in and out of the line up. Demarcus Ware has been hurt since October. But every team has injuries. The NFL is about putting players who can play on the field. The coaches are supposed to put those players in positions to make plays.

The 4th quarter of tonight’s game was a microcosm of the Cowboys’ season. So, the Cowboys have the football on their own 19 to start the 4th quarter. (I know that many Dallas fans were yelling that the Cowboys had gotten away from the run. I don’t think so. The last 4 runs by Murray had gone for 1, 0, -4 and 6 yards. He had something early in the game, but the Eagles shut that down.) Orton hits Witten for 16. Two plays later, he hits Miles “I really get paid a lot but I disappear for long stretches in the game” Austin for 16. Incomplete pass to Bryant who we tried to force feed all night but rarely won his match-ups. Short pass to Beasley for 7. Third and 3. We run the ball with Murray. He gets only 2. It is 4th and 1. Many fans are screaming for us to run the ball. Why? What have you seen in this game that would suggest that the Dallas Cowboys are controlling the line of scrimmage? Stop dreaming! The Cowboys need to throw the ball. The question is what play should be run. A little fade route to Murray was an okay call. Barwin made a great play and knocked the ball down. Murray appeared to be open. The Cowboys turn the ball over on downs.

Now with our defense on the field, the Eagles march down the field with 8 runs and 2 passes. They have no negative plays in the drive which ends with a touchdown. This is the game. This is the time for the Cowboys to step up and pretend to be better than they really are. We have bunch of no-name players on defense who simply can’t make a play.

The Cowboys get the ball back and seem to play like their season is on the line. Kyle Orton hits Bryant on a crossing route. He then throws a beautiful ball to Jason Witten for 33 yards. Next, how does the 24-second clock get screwed up? The Cowboys get a delay of game penalty. The Cowboys are not good enough to overcome penalties. Cowboys flounder on the next 2 plays. It is now 4th and 9, the season on the line. The Eagles screw up and try to give the game to the Cowboys by playing a cover 0. Man-to-man coverage around the field and everyone else is blitzing. A simple slant to Dez Bryant, who catches another great ball from Orton, and Bryant stumbles into the endzone. Two-point conversion fails!

Now the defense has to make a stop. The lowly defense needs to do something. Oddly, they do. The defense stops Philly and forces a 3-and-out.

The Dallas Cowboys have their offensive on the field with 1:49 left in the game…left in the season. All we need is a field goal. Dan Bailey is probably the most reliable player on the team. If the Cowboys can get the ball around the 35-yard line, Dan Bailey is money. We need to move the ball about 35 yards in 109 seconds. This isn’t impossible. We have the receivers with Bryant, Austin and Williams. Jason Witten is having a monster game. Kyle Orton has really thrown the ball very well throughout the game. For the most part, the offensive line has given him time to throw. The seam routes and post routes seem to be working. Some crossing routes were also working. Orton is in the shotgun. Witten and Austin are running slants. The Eagles double Witten and Miles is open over the middle. Kyle throws the ball behind Miles and it is intercepted. Game over.

This is the Cowboys’ season in a nutshell. They seemed to be swimming upstream all year. Great things seemed to be in sight but just out of reach for this team.  Remember the Denver game? It looked as though we were going to pull off the impossible. What about the Packer game when it appeared that we had that game won at half-time and then the defense allowed what seemed like thousands of yards in the second half? Why we got rid of Rex Ryan I’ll never understand. We had terrible injuries early in the year. Somehow it looked as though we were in position to win the game, even the NFC East Division and something ugly would happen. Personally, I don’t think that the Cowboys can win consistently until we get a better defense. I really don’t care who is coaching. We need better personnel.