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Zeke and the Cowboys

Yeah, Zeke Elliott got paid. Now, the Cowboys are ready to go out and do… what exactly? The Dallas Cowboys can be a good team. I don’t think that they will be a great team until Dak, not Zeke, steps up his game. Dak is a good quarterback. He is not great. He can make great throws. Unfortunately he is not that accurate. At times, it seems that he has trouble pulling the trigger. Sometimes, you need to drop back, read the play, hit that back foot and throw the ball. Troy Aikman was great at this move. Dak Prescott is not great at this move. He will pat the ball. He wants to be 90% sure, 95% sure, 100% sure that the receiver is open and that the throwing lane is clear.

Zeke will play well. He will run hard. He will get even better than he is right now. I think that he will become a better receiver.

I have no idea what to expect from Amiri Cooper. Can he consistently beat the #1 cover corner? Can he consistently beat double coverage? I don’t know. Who is going to be our go to slot receiver? Randall Cobb? Whose best days were 5 years ago? Who seems to be hurt, a lot? What about Trevon Austin? Can he be the security blanket that Dak needs?  Can Jason Witten be the guy, again? The answer to all of these questions is I don’t know.

Just for a second, I think that the Cowboys defense can be one of the best in the league this year. If Dallas fans want something to cheer for then this is it. If the offense doesn’t turn the ball over, then the defense will keep us in the game. The secondary is very good. Our linebackers are very good. We should be able to stop the run and rush the passer.

Finally, this may be the last year of the Jason Garrett show. He has been the coach of the Cowboys for awhile. He has been the best average coach in the league. His record is as close to 8-8 as it can be. He almost never loses big. He almost never dominates. Is he awful? I don’t think so. The real question is can he lead the Cowboys deep into the playoffs? Can he take the Cowboys to the Super Bowl? In the end, that’s what it is all about isn’t it? The Super Bowl. If you can never see Garrett leading the Cowboys to the Super Bowl then what is the point of having him?

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Go Cowboys! Update

That’s it. That’s all I have say!!! (Well, I say more below.)

Update (Reflection and aftermath) – 

So, the Cowboys really didn’t get it done. They got outplayed and out scored in LA. The Rams fixed whatever problems they had shown us toward the end of the regular season. They got back to who they were. They are a running team. They ran the ball and won.

I have to admit that I’m surprised that the Cowboys were in the post season. The Cowboys looked mediocre during the first part of the season. Then during the Eagles game, the Cowboys changed their season. They began to run the ball and they found a defense. The identity of the Cowboys became toughness. Tough running. Tough defense.

Tonight, I thought that the key to the game was going to be controlling the clock. The Cowboys had to be able to run the ball. The Cowboys offensive line needed to win the line of scrimmage. On the defensive side of the ball, we had to control Todd Gurley. Unfortunately, the Rams turned the tables on the Cowboys. Goff and the Rams controlled the line of scrimmage. They ran the ball and controlled the clock. The Rams defense went all in to stop the run and the Cowboys were not able to run the ball. On the flip side, the Rams were able to run and run and run. (Like the Energizer Bunny!) Congratulations to the Rams.

The Cowboys need to do a couple things to improve next year. Dak Prescott needs to improve. He is good but not great. He needs to read defenses better. He needs to be a little more accurate with the football. He has to be able to get the ball out of his hands quickly. If the play is not there then run or throw the ball away. The Cowboys must get better on the offensive line. If the identity of the Cowboys is going to be tough physical running with Elliott then we need better line play. I would love to see the Cowboys find a better fullback for Elliott. Someone who will blast open holes and pick up blitzing linebackers. Both the Colts and the Rams showed us that the Cowboys’ offensive line can be dominated. This can’t happen if we truly want to go to a Super Bowl and win.

The Defense must get better. It seems to me that the defensive line needs to get better. Demarcus Lawrence is supposed to be an all-world defensive end. Yet, he didn’t get close to a sack today. In big games he has to show up. He was double teamed all day and was basically a non-factor. Collins and Woods in the middle got pushed around. Randy Gregory seems to be the player that everyone says has a ton of talent but rarely shows up. David Irving is in the substance abuse program, again. Leighton Vander Esch and Jaylon Smith were two of the very best linebackers in the league, this year. Leighton was simply awesome. They are both fast, smart and play very, very hard!!!

In spite of all of my belly-aching, I’m very proud of the Cowboys. They overachieved. Jason Garrett proved that he really doesn’t get out coached. I can’t wait until next year.

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News RoundUp – Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanagh, Jason Garrett and Amber Guyger

I guess it is time for a news Roundup.

Hurricane Florence just simply devastated North and South Carolina. Here, you can give to hurricane relief. I did.

So, 27 years ago, George HW Bush nominated Clarence Thomas to replace the irreplaceable Thurgood Marshall. Basically, he sailed through the hearings. Then, there were some allegations of sexual harassment. These allegations were brought by Anita Hill. They both worked at the Department of Education and the EEOC. Anita Hill reported to Clarence Thomas. Reportedly, Clarence Thomas had asked her out several times and she refused his advances. He graphically described the details of his anatomy to her. The hearings, the back-and-forth between Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill, was riveting television. In the end, the Senate decided to ignore Anita Hill and support Clarence Thomas.

Now we have Brett Kavanagh versus Christine Blasey Ford. Unlike 27 years ago, Sen. Chuck Grassley has decided there will be no FBI investigation. There are several issues to discuss here. First, the event occurred 30 years ago. Should Kavanagh be accountable for his actions when he was a teenager? Secondly, according to Christine Blasey Ford, there was 3rd person in the room. Yet, for some reason, the Senate Judiciary Committee does not want to hear from that third person. Why? In order to undermine Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony, Brett Kavanagh does an interview with Fox News with his wife at his side. We have seen this look before. This gives Kavanagh the ability to look sympathetic and also to “stand firm” against those who are trying to tear down his good name. Now, a woman from Kavanagh’s college days says that he exposed himself to her while he was drunk at a Yale party. I think that Christine Blasey Ford should be heard. She should be respected. She is going to stand up on Thursday and say that bad, pain shit in her past has happened to her and Kavanagh was responsible for the bad stuff. Unfortunately, Senate republicans don’t care. This is directly from the Trump playbook. Never back down. Never admit that you are wrong. Never. Ever. No matter what. The whole thing makes me want to vomit. Are you going to believe women or not? Are you going to investigate or put on a show?

Amber Guyger is … was a Dallas Police officer who, according to her story, went into the wrong apartment, thought it was her apartment, saw the man in the apartment who was not supposed to be in “her apartment” and shot him dead. The story is hard to believe. You happen to go into an apartment one story above yours. How do you get into that apartment? You do not have the key to that apartment. Your key goes to the apartment that is one story below. Do you just open the door? And, when you open the door, do not you recognize that none of the stuff in the apartment is yours? How is there no discussion? How do you simply just open fire and kill a man?!?!? The whole incident is bizarre. Well the Dallas Police Department just fired Amber. My question to you is, if Amber was a man, would she still be on the police department now? I think the answer is yes.

To me, it is not that the Dallas Cowboys are losing. The problem is they are really not competitive. Dak Prescott who was accurate two years ago, simply is not that guy anymore. Whether it is the receivers or different coverage, it does not matter. Right now, he looks like one of the most wildly inaccurate quarterbacks have ever seen. I do not understand how you going to the season without having a number one wide receiver. We do not have one tight end that Dak can depend on getting open. Yes, the Dallas defense is better. Yet the defense is predicated on a dominating office. Dallas is not that. We cannot consistently run the ball. We cannot consistently throw the ball. We can consistently punt the ball which, by the way, is not how you win football games. Now, the Dallas media is up in arms and is calling for Jason Garrett to be fired. Why? Jerry Jones is the owner. Jason Garrett is doing exactly what Jerry Jones wanted him to do. Jason Garrett cannot do anything without Jerry’s approval. This is a fact. Firing Jason Garrett will just bring in some other knucklehead who will be unable to make decisions without Jerry’s approval. Jerry Jones is the problem. Until were able to fix the problem, there is no reason piddling around with fake fixes like firing Jason Garrett.

Tiger Wins!!!!! I know if you are a Tiger hater, then please look away. I’m not. I think that the guy can really play golf. That’s all. He can play!

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