Cowboys – Giants preview

This game is easy.  The Giants are playing great on both sides of the ball because of the d-line and o-line play.  The Cowboys aren’t going to be able to waltz into the Meadowlands and pray for a victory.  The Cowboys are going to have to take it.  We must dominate the line of scrimmage.  Keep Eli Manning and Plaxico Burress on the side lines.  Tire out that defense.  Strahan isn’t a young buck any more.  Run at him.  Make him play the run.  Again we have to limit 2nd or 3rd and long.   No turnovers.  Limit penalties.  If we are able to do this we will cruise.

The Dallas defense has to rush the quarterback.  Eli Manning is very good in the pocket.  We have to collapse the pocket around him.  Stop Brandon Jacobs on 1st and 2nd downs.   Keep the Giants in 3rd and long then put in our dime package.  Confuse Manning and Blitz Manning.