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2010 MacArthur Fellows

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Since everyone yawned and fell asleep over my post from yesterday, I’m going to continue my post on Long-Term Capital Management later on today. First, I thought would be interesting to post several of the MacArthur Foundation Fellows.

From HuffPo:

Abo-Shaeer prepares public high school students for careers in science and mathematics, combing applied physics, engineering and robotics

Little Doe Baird revives the Native American Wopanaak language to provide her community with a new sense of cultural heritage.

Berry creates scientifically accurate visualizations through data from a variety of fields to improve our understanding of a range of biological processes and systems.

Finally, my personal favorite –

Dabiri enhances our understanding of evolutionary adaptation and issues of fluid dynamics, such as blood flow to the heart, by studying the hydrodynamics of jellyfish propulsion.

You can find out more about the MacArthur Fellows.

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