What will Beck say?

Traveling back home today. I’m going to miss Glenn Beck’s Washington party. From the steps of the Lincoln memorial, Mr. Beck is going to do something. Now, I have know idea what Beck is going to say. I have no idea if God will speak through him to the American people.

I do have an idea of what Beck will not say. He will not talk about how Martin Luther King discussed Black children graduating high school reading at 8th or 9th grade level. He will not talk about the high rate of unemployment and under-employment in the Black community. (the other America speech)

I’m positive that Glenn Beck will not talk about why Dr. King was in Memphis before his death. He was there to support the garbage workers’ strike. They needed better pay and better working conditions. I don’t think that Beck will touch that.

Martin Luther King stood up for the poor and those who were not able to influence the politic process. He spoke out against the Vietnam war and voter suppression. I don’t suspect that Beck will cover any of the topics that MLK covered.

I don’t think that he will have anything to say on jobs and corporate privilege. I don’t think that he is worried about the millions of people living in the US without healthcare. I don’t think that he will say anything about green energy and getting off of our oil dependence. I don’t think that he will have much to say about the BP oil spill or the recovery on the gulf coast. I don’t think that he will make any attempt at bringing the country together. He will continue to do what has made him popular. He will divide America with inflammatory rhetoric. He will talk about taking America back. He will attack Obama and liberals. The only question that I have is will he cry and why should America care?

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  1. “He will not talk about how Martin Luther King discussed Black children graduating high school reading at 8th or 9th grade level. “

    After a few decades of liberals controlling public education, now many kids don't graduate at all, or graduate reading at a 5th or 6th grade level.

  2. Actually, education was making improvements and adjusting to desegregation before Reagan and tax cuts. Suck money out of the system, freeze teachers wages, start painting all teachers as the cause for our failing schools then add charter schools to further suck money out of the system and you what we have today.

    Errington C. Thompson, MD
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  3. Adding another layer of bureaucracy at the federal level sucks money out of the system and affects how much money is available to pay teachers. Are you in favor of closing the federal Dept of Education?

  4. Dr Thompson wrote:

    “We have the money. If we can spend over $700 billion on the Iraq war we have the money to pay teachers. it is able the will.”

    The US Dept of Education budget isnt far behind.

  5. The whole discussion seems a bit of a none sequitur but since we're talking education, I don't see how you came blame the decline of academic acheivement which started in the 1970's on Reagan.

    Education is mainly funded and operated by the individual states.

    The Department of Education was in its infancy under Reagan, expanded under Reagan and every other President.

    Finally, I don't know of Reagan or anyone else that has solely laid the failure of education at the foot of the teachers.