What Defines America?

What is America? How should America be defined?

America is the idea and the fact of a strong federal government over the lesser powers of the states as written in our United States Constitution. The Constitution was in many ways a response to failure of the Articles of Confederation and the incompetence and corruption of state legislatures.

America is Emancipation and the victory of freedom over states rights treason in our Civil War.

America is the expanded economic freedoms and opportunity of the New Deal.

America is the hopeful progress of the Great Society and the Civil Rights Movement.

These are the things that define America.

It is a story of progress, of ever-expanding freedom, and of an always widening definition of what it means to be an American.

If America ever becomes something else than the progress we see detailed above, it will no longer be America.

0 thoughts on “What Defines America?

  1. America is the idea of political power spread out among many entities (city, county, states with several branches of government, 3 federal branches — legislative, judicial and executive), not power concentrated in the hands of a few.

    It is the idea of a federal government with limited, specified powers — not an unlimited government that can do whatever it wishes.

    America is the idea that our rights come from God, and it is the duty of the state to protect them — not the idea that we only have the rights that the a current officeholder wishes us to have. It is government by laws, not by men.

    America is the idea that government serves the people, not the other way round.

  2. Your view is sort of right. Your view was reflected in Articles of Confederation which was a disaster. Alexander Hamilton and George Washington among others understood that the central government had to have enough power to do something.

    Yes some rights come from God others are granted by the people.

    Thanks for your comments.

  3. No, my view is reflected in the Constitution which gives us a federal government with specified, enumerated powers. It has enough power to do something, but it is not given enough power to do everything and anything it chooses.

    Democrats have begun adopting the Pete Stark view of government, that the feds can do whatever they wish. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1-eBz8hyoE

    If the government can force you to buy a product like health insurance, why cant they force you to buy vegetables on the basis that a healthier you will lower health costs for the rest of us? Why cant they prohibit you from buying potato chips? It's commerce, isnt it?