Dear Dairy – I'm trying not to hate Palin, but…

Dear Diary,

I’m trying hard not to hate her or despise her, or vomit when I hear the words “Sarah Palin.” It is not that she has bad ideas. It’s not that she has an odd way of phrasing things. No, it’s more than that. I guess you could say that she is a Robo-Conservative. If you’re going to make a conservative politician, you would want to start with Ronald Reagan because of his folksiness. You then need to add some of the hypocrisy that Newt Gingrich brings to the table. Finally, you need to throw in some of the bullheadedness and stubbornness of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. When you mix all that up, what do you get? Sarah Palin. She is a walking, talking cliché of conservatism. She has no original thoughts. Every question can be answered with tax cuts or by reduding the size of government. It is simply nauseating.

Maybe Jon Stewart said it better:

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  • Joe White

    wow, comedian Jon Stewart.

    Yeah that’s who has substantive political commentary.

    Don’t listen to someone like Palin who has actually governed a state.

    Let’s listen to clowns like Stewart.

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