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Just past weekend update – PR, Roy Moore, Trump overseas, Zeke and da Cowboys

Puerto Rico is still suffering. They are still an American territory. The people of Puerto Rico are still Americans. Please Don’t Forget about them.  Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló and other island officials are asking Congress for nearly $95 billion in aid to help the island continue to recover from Hurricane Maria, which devastated the U.S. territory and has more than 60 percent of its residents still without electricity nearly two months after the storm. So far, Congress has approved almost $5 billion in aid for the island — largely loans — and island officials say much more is needed. “We aren’t just asking for money. We are asking for what is needed. This disaster has been unprecedented,” Jenniffer González, the island’s nonvoting representative in Congress, said Monday at a news conference in Washington.

Contrast the ridiculousness of Roy Moore with the seriousness of Puerto Rico. Roy Moore is a judge who was removed from the bench for ignoring the Supreme Court. He is now running for Senate because we need more people thumb their noses at the Supreme Court in the Senate. Or is it the other way around. In our current environment (see Harvey Weinstein) one would figure that if you have abused women, you would find someone way to make that right. In Roy Moore’s defense, I’m not sure that there is any way to smooth over a relationship that you had with a 14 year old girl when you were in your 30s. I’m sorry that’s “don’t pass go, go directly to jail!” For the folks who supported Roy Moore, if you can’t find a Republican that supports your values and his not a pedophile then you need to re-evaluate your values. As a Christian, I understand that as humans we are all flawed. But we have jails for those of us who are very flawed. Now, a 5th woman has come forward. I understand that the Senate can remove a member who is … shall we say very flawed. So, Alabama GOP, do the right thing and cut old Roy loose.

Priceless photo of Trump overseas.

The Dallas Cowboys have managed to piece together a 5-3 record at the mid-point in the season. Dak Prescott is playing like a first rounder. The offensive line figured out how to block to open holes for Zeke Elliott. Things were looking pretty good just as long as you didn’t look at the Eagles. They are 7-1 are look great. Then came the final word that Zeke was out for his 6 game suspension. Look Zeke doesn’t pay any bills in my house. I’m a fan because he can run the football. I do believe that he needed to read what Emmitt Smith said many years ago. He was a bar and a fight broke out. The headlines were that Emmitt Smith was in a bar brawl. Emmitt learned that he was treated differently because of his status as a “ball-player”. He is right. In the current environment (see Harvey), the NFL can’t be seen as indifferent to domestic violence. They are going to push this case to the max. Zeke needs to learn that he ain’t a 21 year male that can do everything that “everybody else does.” He is Zeke. He is a superstar in a league that loves superstars. So, back to the Cowboys, they laid a huge egg in Atlanta. You can’t play football without a good offensive line. We saw that with the great Tyron Smith (this is a mountain of a man) was out and Chaz Green was schooled play after play allowing 5 sacks. There is no way that the Cowboys can throw the ball when they have a left tackle who can’t pass block. On the other side of the ball, the Cowboys lost Sean Lee. Sean Lee is a guy who simply plays the game at 100%, full throttle. He makes their defense better. Without him, Atlanta found they could run the ball which set up the play-action pass and made the game a rout. I’m not saying that this season is over. But the Cowboys have some serious issues which need to be fixed before next Sunday when they play the truly high flying Eagles!

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Weekend Update – November 4, 2017

I wish I could tell you that I’m all upset over the new stories that are coming out of the DNC.  I’m not. My take is that the DNC stands for the Democratic National Committee. They are responsible for elected Democrats. They are not responsible for electing independents who at the last minute decide that they are a democrat in order to make it easier for them to get into primaries. That’s not their job. Every democrat in the country knew that Hillary had the DNC locked up which is why she was mostly unopposed. If the DNC was handing out money and support evenly then everyone would have jumped into the race.  Donna Brazile wants to sell books. It is that simple.

The much talked about tax plan from the GOP has been released. I’m not sure what they were doing for the past several weeks, this is basically a laundry list of everything that the GOP wants and kills just about everything that it hates. Giving money to the poor is bad according to the GOP. So even if the poor as earned a break it just isn’t right in the GOP playbook to give them anything. So let’s rework the Child Tax Credit. It looks better by increasing the credit from $1000 to $1600 per child. But the GOP changes the eligibility so that many poor Americans are left out in the cold.  Oh, let’s boost the estate tax so that tons of wealth Americans get more money.  In the mind of the GOP there isn’t a wealthy millionaire who shouldn’t get more money.  Here’s a nice Q and A about how the GOP will suck money out of your pocket and give it to the deserving millionaires.

BMW is recalling over million cars.

The Harvey Weinstein story is not really a new story. It is really unclear to me why or how it blew up  so big so quickly. As long as you have powerful men and vulnerable young women there is always going to be a problem. Whether is it the rich thing or the powerful thing, it happens to various degrees throughout our society. Weinstein is no worse than Cosby or any other powerful man who abuses his position and trust. But if we think for a second that by booting Weinstein out of our society the problem will go away, we are over simplifying the problem. I have no idea how to fix this problem. All I know is Weinstein isn’t the best or the worst. He is simply one powerful man who was allowed to get away with assault and harassment over and over and over again.

We were treated to some beautiful baseball in the world series. Congratulations to the World Champion Houston Astros!!!


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A couple of things – Fats, MLB, JFK

Fats Domino was unique talent. It was only after I read his obituary that I really figured out how big Fats Domino truly was (no pun intended). This guy ruled the 50s like no one else. He was second only to Elvis Presley in record sales. That’s incredible. Yet, by the time that I came of age and started listening to music and buying music on my own, Fats Domino was not even in the picture. Yes, I knew all the words to Blueberry Hill and I knew the melody to Ain’t that a Shame and I’m Walkin’ but that’s it. Now, if you slow down and pay attention, you can hear Fats Domino in a lot of tunes like Paul McCartney’s, Lady Madonna. Rest in peace Fats. Here are 12 essential Fats tunes.

I know that there are a lot of baseball fans that wanted to see some other team but, I, for one, am happy that the best teams in baseball actually got to the big show. The Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers have been the best team in baseball since the opening pitch. They won more games and probably have the best pitching roster. And, the best part, is that they are truly showcasing great baseball. Tonight, they’re locked in the pitcher’s dual. It is a great thing to watch.

There are lots of things to distract us these days. Like, the fact that Donald Trump and Republicans continue to try to dismantle affordable healthcare for all Americans. Oh, wait, that’s important. Or possibly the fact that four Americans were killed in Niger. Hold on, we have troops in Niger? This is important also. This is not a distraction. We need to pay attention to this. Then there is the fact that Donald Trump really wants all of those JFK files released. Oh, yeah, right that’s the distraction. There probably hasn’t been an event in the last 75 to 80 years which is been more written about then the Kennedy assassination. It’s been written about from almost every angle possible except from outer space. Since the president is being so open and forthcoming, it would be nice to know why we can’t get fresh, clear drinking water in Puerto Rico? Why can’t we get an all-out effort to restore power?

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