News Roundup: Minecraft, iPhone 6

minecraftSo, a couple years ago, I saw my grandson playing Minecraft. I thought it was a cute game. Nothing big. It was like Legos for computer geeks. A few months later, I saw Kaleb watching YouTube videos of other people playing Minecraft. Then there were other things like cows, fire and stuff. The graphics weren’t great but my grandson would play for hours. Minecraft was bought by Microsoft for over $2 Billion. I’m guessing that those graphics look a lot better with $2 Billion in the bank. Wow.

I’m not going to get into the cellphone wars. Today almost any new cellphone will help you do things better and easier. For me, if you can actually use the cellphone to make and receive calls, this is good. If you can get email, this is better. You should be able to do a Google Hangout or Apple Facetime.  You need to able to easily get around the internet on your phone. You should be able to use some type of social media on your phone. Your phone has to be able to guide you from here to there (maps program). Finally, you need to be able to use your phone as a hotspot. If you can do all of this, you are golden. The new iPhone 6 is bigger and better than the iPhone 5s. I will let you decide if it is better than the Galaxy S5. PC Magazine loved the Moto X, which no one bought, so any new modern phone will do.

Cowboys win – really?

DanBaileyI had so little confidence in the Dallas Cowboys that I didn’t even watch the game until late Sunday night. I’m still shocked that the Cowboys beat the Titans.

A couple of observations –

  • DeMarco Murray simply can’t fumble.  He is quick and fast. He has great moves. He hits the hole hard. He should be benched if he fumbles again next week.
  • The Cowboys offensive line is supposed to be really, really good. They allowed tons of defensive pressure on Tony Romo.  They have to play better.  Three sacks in the first quarter is bad.
  • We saw the bad Tony Romo last week. We saw the careful Tony Romo this week. We are still waiting for the good Tony to show up.
  • The defensive line of the Dallas Cowboys is bad, but not awful. I’m not sure why no one could cover Delaine Walker (10-142 yds and 1 td).  The Cowboys were completely unable to generate a pass rush.
  • Jake Locker has a cannon for an arm.
  • I still don’t understand why we didn’t re-sign DeMarcus Ware.
  • The Cowboys’ best offensive player may be Dan Bailey, the kicker.