NFL Week 14

Yes, I know there’s one more game to go, but I think we can look back at week 14 and make some conclusions about the NFL.

First, let’s address my beloved Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys are much better than the team I thought they were going to be at the beginning of the season. I predicted that this season was going to be an epic failure. The Cowboys have done much better than the 2-16 season that I thought they were going to have. Yet, there some things that I said in that post, many weeks ago, which were 100% true. I stated that the defense was awful last year and we did little or nothing to improve our defense in the off season. Much to my surprise, our defense is better than it was last year, but they’re still mediocre. On Thanksgiving day, we saw the build of the Eagles expose the Dallas Cowboys’ defense once again. Sure, the Dallas Cowboys are able to convincingly handle inferior teams like the Chicago Bears or the Jacksonville Jaguars. But if we’re really going to go to the playoffs and try to make some noise, we have to figure out a way to generate a pass rush. Next week, we play the Philadelphia Eagles for the NFC East Championship. Unless the Dallas Cowboys find a pass rush I don’t see how they’re going to win this game.

The New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers currently appear to be the best teams in the NFL. Well, to be honest, I will also throw in the Seattle Seahawks. It is interesting how all three of these teams started off pretty poorly at the beginning of the season. Some reporters were asking Bill Belichick if he was reevaluating Tom Brady. Some people were laughing at the Seattle Seahawks and their “Legion of Boom,” since their defense was relatively porous. Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, famously called into a radio sports show and told the fans to “relax.” Somehow, all three of these teams have figured out a way to overcome injuries, rework their offensive and defensive lines and begin to play some a winning football. Continue reading