Ryder Cup

I feel like I have to write something about the Ryder Cup because I’m a golf fan. Well, it was ugly. It was just as expected. The Americans were expected to lose and we lost. We simply were not as strong throughout our line up. We needed Rickie Fowler, Bubba Watson, Webb Simpson, Hunter Mahan, Phil Mickelson and Keegan Bradley to step up. Although Rickie Fowler played pretty well, the rest of the line up played average. The exception to this mediocre play was Patrick Reed, Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler. I really think that Fowler is a hair’s breath away from being truly great.

On the other hand, the Europeans got great performances from some of the guys we really didn’t expect to hit it out of the park. Jamie Donaldson played GREAT. Dubuisson played outstanding. He was steady and focused. World number 1 Rory McIlroy started off in a funk but played his way out of it. By Sunday, he was putting lights out. The biggest surprise was Justin Rose. He was great. He kept making shot after shot and putt after putt. It isn’t that Rose can’t play great. He can and he has. He seems to fall short in the Majors. He plays steady golf. He never seems to blow you away in a normal PGA format but in the Ryder Cup he was fabulous.

So, the Americans go home once again licking out wounds. I don’t know what the Americans could do better. I do think that there were a couple who should have been there but weren’t. The biggest name was Billy Horschel. He was playing the best golf in the world over the past month or so but he peaked too late for the Ryder Cup. I think that his passion and fire would have been great for the Americans who all looked a little flat. I also wonder from Brandt Snedeker would have been a better pick than Webb Simpson. Finally, Gary Woodland is an interesting player who was been solid all year. His game is really coming around. He could always bomb it off the

NFL: Finally a good week

Michael Crabtree grab

Sunday afternoon, I was going to write a post asking the NFL to stop putting the Dallas Cowboys on prime time. They don’t deserve it. They have played from awful to mediocre for several years. Then the Cowboys came out and absolutely played the best game that I have seen in years. They spanked the New Orleans Saints. This was the same team that embarrassed the Cowboys last year by racking up 40 first downs, a NFL record.

Tonight the always great New England Patriots did what they have never done during the Brady era. They laid an egg on national television. The Kansas City Chiefs ran and passed their way to a rout. They smacked the New England Patriots. Jamal Charles and Knile Davis ran inside and outside and all over the Patriots. Alex Smith had time in the pocket and he looked sharp. It was a very impressive performance. Then, to add to the problems that the Patriots were facing, the Chiefs showed up with a defense. They pressured Brady into some bad decisions and plenty of turnovers. It was a great night if you hate the Patriots or like to see someone else win every once in a while.

The marquee game of the weekend was the San Francisco 49ers verses the Philadelphia Eagles. Let me start by saying that I don’t like the Eagles. To me, a great Cowboys season always includes beating the Eagles; not once, but twice. This was an entertaining game from start to finish. The Eagles high flying, smoke and mirrors offense was grounded by a strong and fast 49ers defense. It is unclear where this defense has been all year, but it sure showed up on Sunday. The Eagles stayed in the game with defense and special teams touchdowns. The 49ers offense made enough plays to snag the win.

For the first time in weeks, Ray Rice and Greg Hardy was not the focus of the NFL. Adrian Peterson wasn’t the focus of a Minnesota Vikings team that figured out how to play offense and defense without their best player being on the field. They won against an Atlanta Falcons team. Nobody could figure out with Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback and he looked very good.

This was a good week for the NFL.

Latte Salute (Update)

President Obama salut saluting the troops holding Barney in his armses a Marine as he gets off of Marine One. The president has a coffee cup in his right hand. It appears that he is buttoning his jacket with this left hand.

Ed Rogers wrote in WaPo about how Obama plans everything so reason would dictate that he must have planned the salute as a sign of disrespect. Hogwash. I have never read Ed Rogers’ stuff. I’m not going to bash him, but it appears to be his logic. Just because Obama plans and discusses and thinks doesn’t mean that every single second he is thinking about his every move. That would be very tiring if Obama thought about every single move he makes. Every foot step. Every gesture. Everything. No one could live like that.

In a way I feel sorry for Obama. He has undergone more worthless criticism than any other president. There is a whole network that is devoted to hating Obama 24/7/365. It doesn’t matter what he does. If he swims he is called an elitist. Why doesn’t he sit on the beach like everyone else. If he could walk on water, folks would complain that he couldn’t swim and he is an elitist. This is just another non-issue. Let’s move on to something more interesting. Continue reading