Foley's political impact

It appears that the original outrage over Congressman Mark Foley has died down somewhat.  I’m not exactly sure why.  It seems like if whatever he did was wrong 2 weeks ago is still wrong today.  The same goes for Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert.  If he was asleep at the switch two weeks ago.  One should assume that he is still asleep at the switch.  There’s no evidence that has changed the fact that his office was informed he did nothing about it.

LKL – Bono

Outstanding interview.  This interview gives an excellent window into how Bono evolved into the rock star who has cultural awareness.  He truly understands the problems of Africa.  He used a Live Aid analogy.  He said that that concert raised approximate $250 million.  He said the debt that Africa countries owed to Western countries was approximately that per week.  Something had to change.

Where’s the Outrage? 10/14/06

Happy belated Friday the 13th.  Did the president really say that?  Did he say that he was amazed as the level of violence that the Iraqis tolerate?  Do the Iraqis have a choice?  Where they going to leave the country?

New study reveals that 650,000 Iraqis have died.  Our president is an expert epidemiologist.  He says the methodology has been discredited. I explain the method and why our president may be off base.  Again.

The President defenses Denis Hastert.  The President describes him as someone who gets things done.

North Korea has set off something.  Looks like a nuclear explosion.  Small but nuclear.  I speak with Joe Cirincione, senior vice president for National Security and Policy for the Center for American Progress.  He is a nuclear expert.  We’ll discuss our approach to North Korea and nuclear weapons.

Stephanie Miller, nationally syndicated talk show host, is in the House!!! Besides being funny, the girl knows what’s up!!! We discuss the implosion of the Republican Party.  Stephanie has a few words of wisdom on former Congressman Mark Foley who is the gift that seems to keep on giving.  This is a great interview with a Great radio personality.

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