Where’s the Outrage? 10/07/06

Repercussions from Congressman Mark Foley’s abrupt resignation from the House of Representatives continued to reverberate around Washington, DC.  Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert has refused to step down.  In spite of the hoopla that has been surrounding the Congressman Mark Foley debacle, the same old problems are still out there festering — Iraq and Afghanistan.  We talk with Brian Katulis from the Center for American Progress, one of our favorite experts, about the ongoing problems in Afghanistan and Iraq.  We also have Van Duncan, candidate for Buncombe County Sheriff in the house.  We discuss duties of the Sheriff and how Mr. Van Duncan will improve the office.  This and more on this week’s podcast.

Next week, we have Stephanie Miller in the house!!

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TDS – Anthony Zinni

For about a nanosecond, General Anthony Zinni was everywhere. He made several talk shows. He was on Al Franken show. He was also on The Daily Show. I’m not sure how his book, The Battle for Peace, did in total sales. I do know, he was thoughtful, articulate and a breath of fresh air. But just like a gentle breeze, he was gone before you knew it. I tried to get him on my show. His agent laughed as she hung up the phone. :-)