Another school shooting

Earlier this week there was a school shooting in Colorado.  This time it is in Wisconsin.  Again, we have the typical reporting of a student who just walks into a school and starts shooting.  When are we going to get some security for schools?  According to earlier reports, the student walked in school with both a pistol and a rifle.  Shouldn’t we have a way to detect people who are walking in to schools with firearms?

There are a ton of problems in our schools today.  We have overcrowding.  We have teachers are overworked and underpaid.  Teachers are expected to be mothers and fathers as well as educators for some kids.  Oh, and I shouldn’t forget, teachers are asked to be police officers also.  They’re asked to rid our schools of drugs.  The schools themselves are underfunded.  Our whole educational system needs to be overhauled.  There hasn’t been a significant change in our schools and the way we deliver information to students for over a hundred years.  If education is important, and it should be, we have to do better.