Cowboys 21, Colts 14




The Cowboys played like they should have.  This is the Cowboy team that I expected to see all year.  The defense played strong.  They only gave up one long play.  A perfect pass from Peyton Manning to all-world receiver Marvin Harrison.  The coverage was perfect.  Harrison just made the catch. 

The Cowboys have been the best in the league at creating a penalty at just the wrong time.  The Cowboys had 5 penalties in the first half but only had 2 penalties in the second half. 

Tony Romo who was played like an all-pro for 3 games had a fumble and an interception in the first half.  But he was able to settle down and play another very solid game. 19 – 23 for 226 yards and 1 pick. 

In the second half the Cowboys were able to run the ball.  They had one awesome drive that was 15 plays and took up over 8 minutes.  The best part was that the drive ended with a touchdown. 

The game wasn’t perfect.  Both teams made mistakes.  The Colts turned the ball over twice inside their 10 (once on downs).  The Cowboys drove into Colts terroritory 4 or 5 times in the first half and came away with no points.  Vanderjagt missed 2 fields (43 and 46 yds) in the first half.  The first one clanned off right upright.  Look for the Cowboys to bring in a couple of kickers this week and see if anyone is better than Vander(head-case).

Now, the Cowboys need to get down to business and put this win behind them, so that they can take care of the Bucs on Thursday. 

Hopefully, we are finally seeing the real Cowboys. 

Countdown: Restoring Habeas Corpus

This may be the most important thing that this Congress will do.  Keith Olbermann does a good job in presenting the problem.  Chris Dodd (D – Ct) is already out in front on this one.  He has drafted legislation that has been introduced.  The legislation is called the Effective Terrorist Prosecution Act.  This Act will:

  • Restores Habeas Corpus protections to detainees
  • Narrows the definition of unlawful enemy combatant to individuals who directly participate in hostilities against the United States who are not lawful combatants
  • Bars information gained through coercion from being introduced as evidence in trials
  • Empowers military judges to exclude hearsay evidence they deem to be unreliable
  • Authorizes the US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces to review decisions by the Military commissions
  • Limits the authority of the President to interpret the meaning and application of the Geneva Conventions and makes that authority subject to congressional and judicial oversight
  • Provides for expedited judicial review of the Military Commissions Act of 2006 to determine the constitutionally of its provisions

Now, that seems fair.  That seems represent the feelings of the American public. 

Countdown: Bush out of touch?

Come on.  How can Bush be out of touch?  Don’t you have to be in touch to get out of touch?

Seriously, I see the Bush administration getting ready to repeat the mistakes of the past.  We are getting ready to put more troops into a bad situation which will make the situation worse in my opinion.  AS mother has said, “Never throw good money after bad.” 

It is time to draw down and re-focus on the War on Terror.  Al Qaeda and the Taliban are regrouping in Southern Afghanistan.  We have to do something about that.  We must redeploy to at least make Afghanistan an example of what the Americans can do RIGHT if we put our mind to it.