Obama – A Way Forward in Iraq

Barack Obama delivered a major speech on Iraq on November 20th.  Here’s his speech. 

I like the speech.  The Center for American Progress has purposed something similiar several months back.  I have also discussed this issue on a number of occasions with Brian Katulis, Middle East expert at the Center for American Progress.  Brian has stressed that many in the Iraq government has hedged their bets.  They are in the Iraq government and they have a militia on the side.  He has said that the Iraq government has to make these folks make a decision.  The militias must stop.  Also, we need to re-deploy troops in Afghanistan where the Taliban are growing and in Southeast Asia where al Qaeda is growing.  Maybe Obama has been listening to my show? (Doubt it.)  Maybe he has been listening to the experts at the Center for American Progress?  (more likely.  ;-))