James Taylor – shower the people

I have seen JT in concert twice (we were both much younger and we, both (JT and I) had hair).  It is almost a spiritual feeling.  He was in relatively small venues at the time that I saw him.  Man, it was fabulous.  He is so comfortable with his audience.  He isn’t in a hurry to get to the next town or to the next show.  He is with you.  So, I was able to find this cut of Shower the People with the Dixie Chicks.  The Dixie Chicks???!?!?  But damn, it works and works very well.  Enjoy.

OF – Is it civil war in Iraq

You know, Billo is fun to make fun of because he is so pompous, bombastic and arrogant.  These are tough qualities to take in anyone who is right all the time.  They are especially tough in someone who is wrong more often than they are right, like O’Reilly.  Notice in this clip, O’Reilly never gives us a definition of a civil war.  Without a definition, he’s just talking out of his backside. 

I discussed the definition of a civil war and I actually quoted an expert on this post here.

Electionic Voting can not be made secure

From WaPo:

Paperless electronic voting machines used throughout the Washington region and much of the country “cannot be made secure,” according to draft recommendations issued this week by a federal agency that advises the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.

The assessment by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, one of the government’s premier research centers, is the most sweeping condemnation of such voting systems by a federal agency.

In a report hailed by critics of electronic voting, NIST said that voting systems should allow election officials to recount ballots independently from a voting machine’s software. The recommendations endorse “optical-scan” systems in which voters mark paper ballots that are read by a computer and electronic systems that print a paper summary of each ballot, which voters review and elections officials save for recounts.

Voters in Maryland cast ballots on electronic machines that produce no paper record of each vote; in the District and Loudoun County, voters can choose between using such machines and optical-scan systems. Other Northern Virginia jurisdictions, and many counties across the state, use electronic voting systems exclusively.  more


Voting experts have been saying this for more than a year now.  Hello!!  We need to be thoughtful about this. As a matter of fact, I have found no expert on voting who likes these machines.