Increasing Blog Traffic

There seem to be 50 or a hundred posts (probably more like 100,000) throughout the web which all claim to increase your blog traffic.  They have the secret.  Most of them tell you what they have done and how they have increased their traffic.  A few of them, try to go about it more scientifically and have a list of things that “guarantee” that you will increase your blog traffic.  Horse hockey. 

There is no magic.  There is no special ring of blogs.  There’s no special service.  Technorati is a nice service but it’s not a panacea.  Making your blog compatible with Google is also nice but you won’t see traffic increase overnight. 

There is lots of discussion about content out there.  The discussion centers around what you should and shouldn’t write.  The bottom line, is if you have started a blog in order to make money, I have some oceanfront property to sell you in Wyoming.  It probably will not happen.  On the other hand, if you started a blog because you had a specific interest and you thought that a blog was the best way to express that interest, then a blog is great.  A blog is a great way to communicate amongst family members.  It’s great to post pictures.  You can even post video.  For the most part, you really don’t have to learn a whole lot to run a blog.  You do not need to learn HTML or JavaScript.  A well-written blog could be a good way to promote a business.  Sending customers there for help or other information could be beneficial.

The bottom line is there aren’t any magic bullets.  If you start a blog today there’s almost no way that you will have a thousand people tomorrow or at the end of the month hanging on your every word (unless your name is Justin Timberlake or JoJo).  You simply grow traffic by telling your friends.  If your friends happen to be interested in the same things that you are then they will tell their friends and slowly but surely your blog will grow.

Foley’s priest has another accuser


Another former altar boy says he was sexually abused in the 1970s by the same retired Catholic priest who acknowledged fondling former Rep. Mark Foley when Foley was a teenager, the man’s attorney said Wednesday.

The new allegations against the Rev. Anthony Mercieca were made by a man who lived in North Miami and was an altar boy at St. James Catholic Church, where Mercieca worked, attorney Jeffrey Herman said.

Herman said he planned to file a lawsuit Wednesday against the Archdiocese of Miami. His client, now 40 and identified in the lawsuit only as John Doe No. 26, says Mercieca abused him when he was about 12 years old.

“He had been thinking about it before Foley came forward, and then when Foley came out and the church encouraged other victims to come forward, he decided to come forward,” Herman said.

The man said “all of my nightmares came back” when Mercieca’s picture appeared on the news last week amid Foley’s claims that the priest had molested him. Foley had resigned amid accusations that he sent sexually explicit messages to teenage boys who had worked on Capitol Hill. more


I thought as soon as Foley pointed the finger at someone in the clergy, more accusers would come out of the woodwork.  I’m not saying that someone is lying.  Instead I’m saying as soon as one person gets the courage to jump in the water others will follow.  It is rare for someone who molests children to only molest one.  Sad case. 

On the other hand, why hasn’t any one in the Republican leadership resigned over this?  Are they the moral party?  Isn’t that what the Contract with America was for?  Some where in the contract it said – “This year’s election offers the chance, after four decades of one-party control, to bring to the House a new majority that will transform the way Congress works. That historic change would be the end of government that is too big, too intrusive, and too easy with the public’s money. It can be the beginning of a Congress that respects the values and shares the faith of the American family.”  I’m sure having your 15, 16 or 17 year old son or daughter hit on by a Congressman is not a family value.