More information on the Congressman Foley scandal

More and more information is coming out that Congressman Mark Foley can not only e-mail or instant message one or two pages.  This is something that he has done since he’s been in office or so it does appear.  Yesterday, on the Ed Schultz show, a mother of a former page called up and stated she complained about Congressman Foley back in the mid-90s.  She stated that her complaints were loud and thorough.  She notified her own congressman’s office.  She notified the office of pages.  She got no response or more correctly, she got no meaningful response from anyone she contacted.  This is the problem.  It appears that no Republican took any significant action to try to control Congressman Mark Foley.  Even if all he did was send inappropriate e-mails, he should’ve been monitored and e-mails should have stopped.  This is the very least that should have been done.

Eagles 500, Cowboys 7, TO – 0

Photo: Andrew P. Scott / DMN Photo Staff

OMG, the day started out ugly and simply got worse.  The Dallas Cowboys didn’t look ready.  Was it a secret that the Eagle defense lives by the blitz?  Could anyone have forseen Donavan McNabb throwing one or two deep balls?  Clearly the Cowboys didn’t plan for any of those things.  Terrell Owens was a non-factor.  As a matter of fact one could argue that trying to force to the ball to him late in the game hurt the Cowboys. Where was Jason Witten?  The Eagles were doubling on the outside and bringing pressure up the middle why wasn’t Witten cleaning up in the middle?  Oh, and why can’t Julius Jones break a tackle?  Spin, jump, cut or simply run over someone.  What was it second and a mile late in the 3rd qtr or sometime in the 4th, the Pokes call a draw to the right side.  Perfect call.  There is nothing but 60 yards of green in front of him.  One defenser.  Nothing.  6 yard gain.  Troy Hambrick syndrome – I can run straight and fall down.  7 sacks!!  5 turnovers.  Rookie Patrick Watkins was torched!!  Just spanked allowing not one but 2 long bombs over him.  In a play that was a flashback to last years Redskin-Cowboy game, Roy Williams (our all-star) took a terrible angle on one of the McNabb rainbows and instead of coming up with an INT; he came up with air. 

Unfortunately, the Boyz got spanked.  I thought that they were close.  We spent all of that money in the off season on offensive linemen to prevent exactly this!  Where’s Quincy Carter?  He didn’t look any worse.