Now, the explanations start. Woodard is wrong. Bush is great.

Dan Bartlett is on Face the Nation.  He’s using the 9/11 commission as his fig leaf.  Dan Bartlett to lawyers so he squirms out of a lot of these questions but the facts remain.  Now, he does tell a couple of bold-faced lies.  He states that, “at every step of the way the president has given the commanders (in Iraq) what they wanted.”  Bob Schieffer does an admirable job.

Another R caught up in scandal – Foley




The anatomy of a scandal.  It’s usually unclear, as in this case, exactly how the scandal starts.  Then there are allegations that Congressman Mark Foley had sent inappropriate e-mails to some of his pages (male pages).  Well, he has just resigned.


This story just keeps growing.  Yesterday as Foley was resigning, there was a hint of a story that the Republican leadership in the House knew about Foley sending inappropriate e-mails to this male page for week if not months.  It was unclear from what I had read that anything was done about the situation. 

From today’s NYT:

Top House Republicans knew for months about e-mail traffic between Representative Mark Foley and a former teenage page, but kept the matter secret and allowed Mr. Foley to remain head of a Congressional caucus on children’s issues, Republican lawmakers said Saturday.

The exchanges began with what Republicans now describe as an “overfriendly” e-mail message from Mr. Foley to the unidentified teenager.

But news reports about the exchanges led to the disclosure of e-mail correspondence with other former pages in which the discussions became more and more sexually explicit. Shortly after he was confronted by ABC News on Friday about the subject, Mr. Foley, who represented a south Florida district, resigned from the House.  more

Franken on Hardball and the NIE

Tony Blankley, editor of the Washington Times, argues that be NIE makes sense.  He argues that the Jahadists will follow the sound of the gun.  This seems to contradict what we know about the insurgency.  Although, Al Franken did not make this point, the insurgency has been hitting soft targets.  They have been avoiding direct confrontation with American forces.  This is the way all insurgency’s work.  They look for a spot of weakness.  An electrical plant or a telephone communications station or civilians at their place of worship or civilians in a crowded bus — these other targets that insurgencies choose.  Insurgencies do not follow the sound of the gun, they run away from it.  Al Franken’s points are excellent.  Take a listen.