Kissinger: Victory in Iraq no longer possible

Wow.  It was just a couple of weeks ago, we learned the Bush administration was heavily leaning on Henry Kissinger for advice.  Now, I’m not going to comment on the wisdom of seeking Henry Kissinger’s advice but for an advisor to come out and say you have blown it can’t be a good thing for this president. 

From NYT:

Former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger, who regularly advises President Bush on Iraq, said today that a full military victory was no longer possible there. He thus joined a growing number of leading conservatives openly challenging the administration’s conduct of the war and positive forecasts for it.

“If you mean, by ‘military victory,’ an Iraqi government that can be established and whose writ runs across the whole country, that gets the civil war under control and sectarian violence under control in a time period that the political processes of the democracies will support, I don’t believe that is possible,” Mr. Kissinger told BBC News.

In Washington, a leading Republican supporter of the war, Senator John McCain of Arizona, said American troops in Iraq were “fighting and dying for a failed policy.”


The Errington Thompson Show 11/18/06

Well, I have finally changed the name of the show.  I spend weeks trying to come of with a name.  Hundreds of e-mails with names like Enterprise and Voyager (I’m guessing a Star Trek fan) to Screw the Right Wing Mother&*$%$.  Well I threw out some and kept it simple.  The Errington Thompson Show.

I do discuss the politics of the week.  Nancy Pelosi is the new Speaker of the House.  I discuss the coverage of Democratic infighting (Murtha out and Hoyer in) and the return of Trent “I support Strom Thurmond” Lott.

My guest this week is Daniella Leger, Director of Public Relations, for the Center for American Progress.  We discuss the election results and smackdown right wing talking points.

I spend a little time paying tribute to Ed Bradley who died a couple of weeks ago.  He was a pioneer.  He was a great journalist.

There’s much more.

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