Romo ain't perfect


AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez


The Cowboys looked great for almost 5 minutes.  Okay, less than 5 minutes.  The offense was bad but the defense was worse.  The defense has gave up 5 TD passes.  The Cowboys in 47 years has never given up 5 TD passes in one game.  The New Orleans Saints exposed the Cowboys pass defense.  They were very soft, deep. There was no pass rush.  None.  This doesn’t begin to tell how bad the Cowboys looked and how good the Saints looked. 

Drew Brees was absolutely great. Midway thru the 4th quarter, Brees is 26/38 for 384 yards and 5 TDS.  No interceptions. 

Tony Romo – 16/33 249 and 2 INTs. 

Cowboys need to go back to the drawing board.

I have resisted jumping on the Cowboys bandwagon.  Why?  The Cowboys have torn out my heart and stomped it many times over the last 10 years.  The Cowboys have been great and they have been awful this year.  I’m hoping that the Cowboys will rally from this beating. 

Pinochet Dies

From WaPo:

Gen. Augusto Pinochet, 91, the former Chilean dictator whose government murdered and tortured thousands during his repressive 17-year rule, died yesterday at a Santiago military hospital of complications from a heart attack, leaving incomplete numerous court cases that had sought to bring him to justice.

Pinochet assumed power on Sept. 11, 1973, in a bloody coup supported by the United States that toppled the elected government of Salvador Allende, a Marxist who had pledged to lead his country “down the democratic road to socialism.”

First as head of a four-man military junta and then as president, Pinochet served until 1990, leaving a legacy of abuse that took successive governments years to catalogue. According to a government report that included testimony from more than 30,000 people, his government killed at least 3,197 people and tortured about 29,000. Two-thirds of the cases listed in the report happened in 1973.

An austere figure who claimed to be guided by “the spiritual force of God as a believer,” Pinochet regarded himself as a soldier rather than a politician. With his stern visage and fondness for military uniforms and dark glasses, he seemed to personify implacable authority. He was both an opponent of communism and a critic of “orthodox democracy,” which he said was “too easy to infiltrate and destroy.” more


What a brutal leader.  He abused the Chilean people in every way possible.  I’m sorry that he didn’t spent he last years behind bars. 

Are you kidding me? Jefferson? Really?

So, your campaign manager mentions, “Don’t keep $90,000 in cash in your freezer.”  Unfortunately, you don’t follow your manager’s advise and the FBI finds the cold hard cash (pun intended) in your freezer. So, how does your campaign figure out a way for you to win your congressional bid?



U.S. Rep. William Jefferson easily defeated his fellow Democratic opponent in a runoff election Saturday, despite an ongoing federal bribery investigation.

In complete but unofficial returns, Jefferson, Louisiana’s first black congressman since Reconstruction, received 57 percent of the vote over state Rep. Karen Carter, who had 43 percent.

Carter was unable to capitalize on a scandal that included allegations the FBI found $90,000 in bribe money in Jefferson’s freezer.

In a concession speech, Carter embraced family members and pledged to work with Jefferson, especially on the area’s recovery from Hurricane Katrina.  more