Final Comment before Voting Starts

There are several of great progressive blogs and web sites.  This was from Jerome Armstrong’s MyDD.

This site will be tracking electoral problems tomorrow:

Read it.  Know it.  Submit problems to it.  

(Update, Jerome)

Also, Common Cause has a voter hotline (1-866-MyVote1) that allows voters to call in and record their problems they’re having on Election Day.


Crooks and Liars has some great vids.  Daily Kos has a ton of last minute stuff.

Finally, a prediction from The Left Coaster, a quiet thoughtful blogger.


I don’t have any secret words of wisdom.  Just vote and don’t let anyone stop you from exercising your constitutional right!  Our forefathers fought for this right. 

Reasons to vote Democratic:

Bin Laden
Border Security
Civil Liberty
Civil Rights
Energy Policy
Foreign Policy

Habeus Corbus
North Korea
Science and Research
Supreme Court and Justice
War on Terror