New Post – ABC News Poll: 7/10 Disapprove of handling of Iraq

Americans are truly getting tired of steady flood of bad news out of Iraq.   

From WaPo:

Negative assessments of the war in Iraq — the central issue in last month’s midterm election — continue to hold down President Bush’s job approval ratings and could cast a pall on the final two years of his presidency.

In a new Post-ABC News poll, seven in 10 Americans disapprove of the way the president is handling the situation in Iraq — the highest percentage since the March 2003 invasion. Six in 10 say the war was not worth fighting.

While both gauges on the war have been negative since late 2004, Bush’s approval rating on Iraq has deteriorated further since early October, likely weakened by recent high-profile criticisms of the administration’s Iraq policy.

The bleak appraisals of the war include the release last week of the much-anticipated report from the Iraq Study Group, a bipartisan government advisory panel, which described conditions in Iraq as “grave and deteriorating.” Continue reading New Post – ABC News Poll: 7/10 Disapprove of handling of Iraq

The Errington Thompson Show 12/09/06

The 2 days earlier was the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Think about how we ramped up for that war.

Thursday was the one year anniversary of Drinking Liberally here in Asheville.

The Iraq Study Group report is delivered to the White House. President Bush looked like he just received a vial of the plaque. Both the Democrats and the Republicans have been very cautious with their praise of this report. Some neocons have called James Baker and Lee Hamilton defeat-o-crats. Does the ISG and appointing Robert Gates simple give President Bush time to delay and Stay the Course?

We have an extended version of Let’s Rewind. Donald Rumsfeld officially steps down. Rummy states that there was no more challenging time then right now. I have a little to say about this. I replay some of Rummy’s greatest hits. He has some great sayings.

I discuss these topics and more on the Errington Thompson Show.

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Fascinating debate…..

I caught a program on NPR this afternoon for the first time and it had me absorbed for the entire hour. It was the third in a series called “Intelligence Squared U.S.”, and it was an hour-long abbreviation of a public “Oxford-style” debate held in New York recently. The format includes a moderator, a single motion for the night, and a panel of three speakers in favor of the motion and three speakers in opposition to the motion. A live audience is polled on entrance to the auditorium in regards to their positions on the motion. All six panelists make their opening statements and then the audience is given a chance to ask questions of the panelists. After the questions, each side makes their closing arguments and then the audience is polled again about their positions on the motion.

The proposal debated in this particular program was “A democratically elected Hamas is still a terrorist organization.”

For the motion were Daniel Ayalon, Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., Steven Cook, a Mideast expert at the Council on Foreign Relations, and John O’Sullivan, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute. Against the motion were Stanley Cohen, a lawyer who has representated Muslim and Palestinian activists and imams, Mohamed Mohamedou, of the Harvard Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research, and Mark Perry, co-director of the Conflicts Forum.

Judy Woodruff moderated this particular debate, but each of the three held so far have had different moderators. The program as aired lasted an hour, but the full one hour and 27 minute debate can be listened to at the program’s website.

Previous shows have debated the following proposals: October 3, “We must tolerate a nuclear Iran”, and October 26, “Freedom of expression must include the right to offend.”

Upcoming shows include: December 13, “Hollywood has fueled anti-Americanism abroad”, February 7, “America is too damn religious”, March 14, “Global warming is not a crisis”, April 18, “Better more domestic surveillance than another 9/11”, and May 16, “Beware the dragon: A booming China spells trouble for America.”

I know, I know, just what I needed, more stuff to go listen to. But hey, at least you can stream this on your computer while you’re working on something else.