8 charged in Haditha

Timeline of events from NPR (Didn’t Sean Hannity call Murtha a liar and a troop hater for saying that something went very wrong in Haditha?)

Haditha first gained widespread notice in the U.S. media after a roadside bomb there killed 14 U.S. Marines in August 2005. But the town is under the spotlight again after U.S. Marines allegedly killed as many as 24 unarmed civilians in a November 2005 attack. Four Marines have been charged with murder and four others were charged with dereliction of duty.

Meanwhile, other incidents involving alleged atrocities committed by U.S. forces in other Iraqi cities have also come to light.

Aug. 8, 2005: A roadside bomb kills 14 U.S. Marines in Haditha, a Sunni stronghold 140 miles northwest of Baghdad. It is the site of intense insurgent activity.

Nov. 19, 2005: A Marine and Iraqi civilians are killed in Haditha.

Nov. 20, 2005: The Marines release a preliminary report claiming that an improvised explosive device killed 15 Iraqis and one Marine in Haditha on Nov. 19. (Subsequently, the number of Iraqi civilian casualties is revised to 24, including 11 women and children.) Continue reading 8 charged in Haditha

Rep Goode (R – Va) write anti-Muslim letter

Congressman elect Ellison (D – Mn.) has already made a big splash.  He is a thougthful dynamic Congressman. He has been on my show which says something about him (i’m not sure what but something).  He is a religious Black man.  He is a muslim.  For some reason, folks seem to have a problem with him being a Muslim.  Congressman Goode (R – Va) clearly has some problems

The formal ceremony for being sworn into Congress requires that you pledge an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States.  There is no religious book involved.  Keith Ellison has elected to hold another ceremony for family, friends and supporters.  Many congressman do this.  In this ceremony he will have his hand on the Koran.  I’m not sure why this is a big deal for anyone.  Congressman Goode thinks it is a big deal.  I guess racism comes in all forms and flavors.