Rumsfeld is out!


President Bush introduced Robert Gates on Wednesday afternoon as his nominee to replace Donald Rumsfeld as secretary of defense, saying the country needs a “fresh perspective” on Iraq.

Gates, a former CIA chief, was a member of the Iraq Study Group, a bipartisan panel that is making recommendations to Bush on how to proceed in Iraq.

Gates traveled with the panel to Iraq earlier this year, an experience, Bush said, that will enable Gates to come up with “new ideas on how America can achieve our goals in Iraq.” 

Gates, 63, said Wednesday he accepted the nomination because “the United States is at war” and the president called.

“I believe the outcome of these conflicts will shape our world for decades to come,” Gates said.

Bush announced Rumsfeld’s departure earlier Wednesday. more

Susan Fisher wins!!

Representative Fisher who has been on my show 3 times (the only politician to have come on my show that many times) has been re-elected. This is a huge win for North Carolina. She is a great representative.

Update (from Susan Fisher’s Camp):

YOU helped re-elect our wonderful NC House Representative Susan Fisher and significantly aided in other victories that will have a profound impact on our community, our state, and our nation. THANK YOU!

Susan received over 15,000 votes and we will be sending her back to Raleigh in January with a RESOUNDING show of support for her strong progressive stance on issues that matter to all of us. The voters of district 114 proved that the politics of division, fear, and dirty tricks CAN be defeated with caring, positive, collaborative, issue-focused and responsive leadership. Thanks to you, Susan will be able to continue her hard work protecting our environment, fighting for affordable health care for all, supporting strong local economies with small, homegrown, clean businesses paying living wages, and ensuring quality education for all children in North Carolina. Your hard work, financial support, and participation made the difference. We left no stone unturned in NC House District 114, and our voters helped elect Heath Shuler to the US Congress, and Van Duncan as our new Sheriff. HURRAH!

MUCH APPRECIATION again to all of the volunteers who have made phone calls, knocked on doors, addressed postcards, hosted events, and otherwise chipped in on the campaign in the past week. This grassroots campaign would not be possible without your help! Appreciation also to all of those who supported the campaign financially, and those who got friends and family out to VOTE for Susan. Thank you.

Searching for a message

Missouri, Virginia are still out.  Tennessee goes to the Republicans.  So, what do we know?  I’m not sure that we know anything more now then we knew in January.  Iraq is a big deal but there are more issues out there.  The American people are starting to wake from their dreamy sleep.  Americans are starting to get involved and are starting to be aware of the issues that are effecting their lives. 

The one thing that is clear the era of the conservativism has ended.  The Bush era has ended at least I hope it has.

Democrats will have to lead.  Look for a rise in the minimum wage.  What will we do on Iraq?  Immediate push to simply pull out?  Phased withdrawal?  Will Bush actually work with the Democrats to save his presidency or will he dig his heels in?  Rumsfeld?  Is he now out?

It is going to interesting.