South Dakota Senator needs brain surgery

I saw that Sen. Tim Johnson had some stroke like symptoms late yesterday afternoon.  Only this morning did I truly understand the importance of the event.  As a surgeon, I really don’t have any great insight yet.  There simply isn’t enough information.  Brain surgery, for what?  A tumor?  A bleed?  An aneurysm?  Depending on the etiology the prognosis is different.  We’ll have to wait until later on in the day when information is available.


Sen. Tim Johnson of South Dakota underwent brain surgery early Thursday at George Washington University Hospital after suffering stroke-like symptoms, two Democratic sources familiar with his condition told CNN.

Johnson, 59, was taken to the hospital Wednesday after he appeared to suffer the stroke-like symptoms, although a spokeswoman for the senator said subsequent evaluation showed he did not suffer a stroke or a heart attack.

There was no word early Thursday on the nature of Johnson’s surgery or his condition.

Staffers told CNN that Johnson was conscious when he was transported to the hospital.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, spent time at the hospital out of concern for Johnson, Reid’s spokesman said.

Johnson spokeswoman Julianne Fisher said the senator was in the Capitol on Wednesday morning conducting a conference call with South Dakota reporters when “his speech pattern slipped off.” Continue reading South Dakota Senator needs brain surgery