Politicians finding new ways to get message out

I posted this vid just to backhand this “dude”.  He stupidly says that you can go a candidates myspace page and learn everything that you need to know about the candidate.  What turnip truck did this guy fall off of?  Is it possible for a candidate to distort his/her image?  Is it possible for a candidate to leave out important information that would be helpful to some voters?  Is it possible for a candidate to lie?  This dude clearly hasn’t learned enough about life.  Dude, step away from the computer, go out on a date. Go bowling live and learn! 

Stuck in Atlanta

So, I figure I could run to DC for the Cowboys – Redskin game.  The Cowboys looks somewhat better last week.  The Skins looked terrible in their last 3 loses.  So, I plan a quick trip.  I leave Asheville late Saturday afternoon.  I take only a change of clothes.  NO COMPUTER.  I almost never go anywhere without my computer.  So, I go to the game and the Cowboys lose on one of the goofiest plays that I have ever seen (more on that in a future post).   I catch my return flight and we sit in the airplane for over 2 hours.  I was flying from DC to Atlanta to Asheville.  We finally take off from DC and pull into the gate at 10:55.  My flight to Asheville leaves at 11 pm.  There is no way.  The flight is ever leaving from another terminal.  No way.  So, I ask for my bag.  I can go and stand in that line for an hour before I ask the right person and then I’ll have to wait some more. 

I’m at a hotel using the lobby computer with some of its keys missing.  I’m hoping that I should be able to blog tomorrow evening.  All I can say is don’t let the Republicans confuse you.  Read the newspaper and figure out where you need to vote.  If you have legally registered don’t let anyone talk you out of voting.  Don’t let them disqualify you without a fight.  Vote.  We need every vote.  VOTE and make sure your friends vote, too.