Iraq – violence increases

The record level of violence has gotten to new record levels.  Let’s get some degree of reality.  I know that’s hard with this White House but let’s try. Let’s assume that we are going to have a real plan to control the violence in Iraq.  The plan will be to control Baghdad then to look at other major cities.  Baghdad is a city of about 7 million.  How many police would you need to control a population of million?  For example if a huge riot breaks out in LA and everything goes crazy how many police would you need?  One thing that I do know the number isn’t 140,000.  It isn’t 140,000 +/- 10,000 or 15,000.  You have to be talking about 500,000 – 700,000 troops.  Remember much of Iraq is armed.  At least that is what we have to assume.  So, now what? 

Increasing troop levels for 3 – 6 months is crazy talk.  If you want to control Baghdad then start a draft and ramp up.  If not then don’t waste my time or our troops. 

Terrell Owens screwing up, again

This will probably be my last comment on T.O. (a friend of mine calls him Me-O).  He has been fined $35,000 for splitting on DeAngelo Hall during the Cowboys-Falcons game last Saturday.  Whatever talents TO has; are completely overshadowed by his self-distructive personality.  I’m sure that he carries a psychological diagnosis.  Manic-depressive?  Psychoaffective?  I don’t know.  I just wish he would go somewhere and get help.  A “normal” person doesn’t act like TO.  I wish he would go to southern Colorado or Northern California or where ever people who have “$25 million reasons to live” go to for help.  Just go.