We can win in Iraq says President Bush

We can win.  The question is at what cost. 

So, today, I was travelling across Illinois.  No less than 5 AM stations were playing Rush Limbaugh.  Air America (or any progressive radio) was no where to be found.  So, I took some Pepto and listened to Rush.  First, Democrats hate the military.  (One of the things that I can’t stand about Rush is that he just says stuff.  He has no data and doesn’t try to even bring data.  He pulls stuff out of his a$$.  He then serves this stuff up to the American listener as proof.)  I really didn’t know that I hate the military.  He then said that Dems pretend that they are supporting the troops but just wait and you see their true colors.  Then he said, like Kerry (he called him by some French name.  I’m sure it was a running joke with his audience.  I laughed…NOT.)  He pointed to Kerry’s blotched joke as proof of Kerry’s real colors.  He didn’t mention Kerry’s voting record which clearly does support the troops.  He didn’t mention that Kerry voted against cutting the VA budget which the R’s did.  But it was Rush, I would have been surprised if he tried to be balanced.  Secondly, Dems want America to lose.  We are all pacifists and therefore we want America to lose.  Thirdly, we can win.  (Rush offers no data to support this position.  He does not define winning.  Killing all the Iraqis?  Causing peace to spread around Iraq?  What is winning?)  Then he puts the cherry on top.  Anyone with a brain can see we can win.  WOW.  BTW, who still listens to Rush…willingly?

From WaPo:

President Bush acknowledged today that 2006 has been a disappointing year for U.S. troops and the Iraqi people, as the optimism of a newly elected government in Baghdad gave way to a successful strategy by “the enemies of liberty” to foment sectarian violence. And he warned that “difficult choices and additional sacrifices” lie ahead in 2007.

In a year-end news conference at the White House, Bush also said he is leaning toward increasing the “permanent size” of the Army and Marine Corps to meet the challenges of a long struggle against Islamic extremists. But he said he has not yet made up his mind whether to boost U.S. forces in Iraq in the short term.

Despite his comment yesterday in an interview with The Washington Post that the United States is currently “not winning” in Iraq, he said today that he continues to believe that “victory in Iraq is achievable” and that U.S. forces will eventually prevail.  more

Al Qaeda raises its ugly head

Where’s Ben?  Why haven’t we silenced this knucklehead yet? Oh, now I remember we diverted resources away from chasing down this murderer and toward Iraq.  That’s right. 


From CNN.com:

Al Qaeda’s second-in-command released a new videotaped statement Wednesday that said “holding elections won’t lead to Palestine’s liberation,” CNN Arabic experts confirmed.

“Those who try to liberate Muslim land through elections … will not liberate one grain of sand of Palestine,” Ayman al-Zawahiri said in video footage aired first by the Arab-language Al-Jazeera television network. Continue reading